Wednesday, 8 Rabiul Akhir 1436 / 28 January 2015
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Govt studying issuance of regulations on coal and mineral mining

JAKARTA -- The government is studying Government Regulation in lieu of Law (Perppu) No.4/2009 on Coal and Mineral...
Sudirman Said

About Charlie Hebdo, Muhammadiyah urges UN for global consensus

JAKARTA -- Muhammadiyah is deliberating over the importance of a global consensus in the form of an international...
Charlie Hebdo

Sofyan Djalil optimistic economy to grow 5.7 percent

BEIJING--Indonesian Chief Economics Minister Sofyan Djalil said he was optimistic the country's economic growth target of 5.6-5.8 percent...
Sofyan Djalil

Tourist arrivals in Bali reached 3.76 million in 2014

DENPASAR -- The provincial tourism office of Bali revealed that 3.76 million tourists visited the island in 2014,...

Qur'an, Muslim and Universal Brotherhood (2)

By: Ahmad Syafii MaarifIn Mukhtashar min Tafsîr al-Imâm al-Thabarî and Qur’ân Karîm: Tafsîr wa Bayân ma’a Asbâb al-Nuzûl...
Ahmad Syafii Maarif

Nurses call for end to leprosy discrimination

TOKYO -- The Nippon Foundation and the International Council of Nurses jointly released Global Appeal 2015 in Tokyo...
Leprosy (mycobacterium leprae)

Human or tiger: Who wins?..

By Erlinda Cahya Kartika and Ignas Heitkönig*The human wildlife conflict (HWC) comprehends a large range of species, and...