Selasa, 20 Ramadhan 1436 / 07 Juli 2015
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Police thwart attempt at illegal trade of protected wild eagles

SURABAYA -- The police of East Java province foiled an attempt to trade wild eagles against the law,...

‘The preachers still often use false hadith about sleep in Ramadan’

JAKARTA -- Priest of Istiqlal Mosque, Ali Mustafa Yaqub said, in Ramadan there was still a lot of...
Ali Mustafa Yaqub

Pertamina invests 2.5 bln US dollar on geothermal power plants

JAKARTA -- State Oil and Gas Company PT Pertamina (Persero) has set aside Rp33 trillion or 2.5 billion...

Tabanan's ceramic crafts sell internationally

TABANAN -- The ceramic crafts made by Tabanan Region's craftsman from Bali are sold in international markets, Section...
Tabanan, Bali

Ramadan and productivity

By: Asma Nadia That afternoon I was in a hurry to go to a bank for the purpose. After...
Asma Nadia

Former US Attorney General Eric Holder returns to conviction

WASHINGTON -- Former US Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. is returning to Covington as a partner after...

The New Order: In Memoriam

by: Shelbi Asrianti/shelbiasrianti.blogspot.comWhat is the meaning of "The New Order" for this generation? Is it a success story,...
Shelbi Asrianti