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Can Marriage Be Secret in Islam?

In Islam marriage must meet standards and requirements.

Rep: Imas Damayanti/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Marriage and Marriage (Illustration)
Foto: Republika
Marriage and Marriage (Illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Generally, Muslims are encouraged to inform the audience about the marriage performed. Is it OK to keep the wedding a secret? Is it a sin to keep it a secret?

Reported in About Islam on Thursday (7/12/2023), Muslim scholar from Canada, Sheikh Ahmad Kutty said in Islam marriage must meet certain minimum standards and requirements in order to be valid and acceptable. Without meeting these requirements, marriage is invalid and unacceptable.

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It is therefore all difficult to distinguish from fornication or forbidden relationships. The minimum legal requirements for marriage are as follows: the consent of the female guardian, the presence of witnesses, offerings and acceptance, and finally the dowry (dowry).

“If the above conditions have been met, the marriage is valid. However, if those conditions are not met, then the marriage becomes void,” Sheikh Kutty said.

As for the guardian's consent, he said, it can only be dispensed with if the guardian simply refuses to give consent for reasons other than Islam. In this case the judge can certify the marriage after going through the legal process.

On the contrary, he stressed, if such does not happen and no effort is made to ensure the consent of the guardian, then the marriage is invalid and therefore unacceptable in Islam.

As the Prophet said, “There is no marriage without a guardian and two trustworthy witnesses. “(HR. Abu Dawud).

As for publicizing marriage in Islam by establishing the conditions of marital validity mentioned above, he said, Islam insists marriage should remain distinct from other free and immoral lifestyles such as fornication and infidelity.

Therefore, the Prophet insisted or rather advocated to announce the marriage. Based on the above description, the concept of marriage “only for the two of you or for Allah” is unacceptable in Islam. Society has a stake in marriage in the sense that society must know that a married couple is married so that they do not suspect that they are in an illicit relationship.

According to Islamic teachings, Muslims are obliged to do whatever they can to preserve religion, honor, and dignity. Therefore, Muslims should stay away from, not only things that are illegitimate or impermissible, but also all things dubious.

In this regard, the Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever avoids doubt, he has kept his religion and honor; but whoever does the doubting thing, he may accidentally fall into the forbidden law. “(HR. Al-Bukhari).

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