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Ulema's Tips for Better Quality of Life in the New Year

Islam teaches that time is very precious.

Rep: Rahmat Fajar/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Illustration: Mosques where Muslims worship.
Foto: Anadolu Agency
Illustration: Mosques where Muslims worship.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Jakarta--Almost all of humanity on this earth celebrates the eve of the New Year. They express it in a variety of ways and forms. However, most of them celebrate with parties, such as watching concerts and lighting fireworks.

Ustaz Jeje Zaenudin, the head of the Islamic Unity Centre (Persis), said that true Islam does not teach celebrating the turn of the year with any celebration except with worship. He exemplifies on the Eid and Eid al-Adha celebrations of Muslims performing takbir and prayers.

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“Every time changes: day, month to year, every Muslim must earnestly intend to improve his quality for the better,” he said on Monday (1/1/2024).

According to Ustaz Jeje, Muslims should be better in the fields of worship, worship, and morality in the new year. He advocates making the new year more qualitative than ever.

Ustaz Jeje considers that the actual change of year is no different from the change of day, week or month. According to him, what distinguishes only deadlines and time ranges. Therefore, there is nothing particularly special about the turn of the year.

“Islam teaches that time is precious. Human beings have all to lose if they do not fill time with faith, pious charity and counsel each other in truth and patience,” he said.

Chairman of the Indonesian Ulama Assembly (MUI) Field Dakwah and Ukhuwah Cholil Nafis also gave a message to Muslims to make the new year better. Because he thinks that nowadays the temptation of maxims is more unstoppable, especially towards young people.

“A lot is with family and gets along with good people,” Cholil explained.

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