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Explanation of Why the Prophet Muhammad Used to Pray

The prayer has a number of privileges

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Illustration of prayer broom jagat
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Illustration of prayer broom jagat

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Imam and khatib of the Nabawi Mosque, Sheikh Dr Abdul Baari bin Awad al-Tsubaiti spoke about prayers derived from the Quran. This prayer is truly remarkable with a comprehensive word and meaning.

The prayer gathers all the best in the world and informs about what is needed in the afterlife. This prayer also negates any evil referred to in the Quran. Allah says: “O our Lord, grant us good in the world and goodness in the Hereafter and save us from the torment of hell.” (QS Al Baqarah: 201).

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In the history of the hadith, Anas ibn Malik said: "The prayer of Prophet Muhammad SAW most often uttered was, 'Oh Allah, grant us good in this world and goodness in the afterlife, and protect us from the torment of hell'.”

Furthermore, Shaykh Al-Tsubaiti explained, a Muslim contemplating this prayer can actually know that this prayer shows a complementary relationship between the world and the afterlife so that there is no conflict between them. “The world is the way, and the afterlife is the final destination. The afterlife is the place of harvesting and reaping the ripe fruits of the world,” he explains.

Sheikh Al-Tsubaiti also expounded, the person who travels to his Lord is necessarily aware of what has been decreed in the world and the afterlife so it is instilled deeply in the depths of his heart.

Thus, when a person prays to Allah to be given good in the world, his heart is filled with the hope of good in the afterlife, because he realizes that the afterlife is the ultimate goal. Allah says: “Say, 'My faithful servants, fear your Lord. ' People who do good in this world get good. And the earth of God is vast. Indeed, it is only those who are patient who are rewarded without limit.” (QS Az Zumar 10)

As for the one who puts a little afterlife in his heart, and makes the world the end of his purpose, then Allah gives warning as in At Taubah verse 38. “... Are you satisfied with life in the world instead of life in the afterlife? Whereas the enjoyment of living in this world (compared to life) in the afterlife is but few.”

Therefore, a thinking Muslim certainly believes that his journey in this world is merely a path to another world, which in this case is the afterlife.

The truth is that they are those who are always quick in doing good deeds and they pray to Us with hope and anxiety. And they are the ones who are solemn to Us.” (QS Al Anbiya: 90)

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