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4 Reasons Muslims Won the Victory in the Badar War

There are several supporting factors that made victory in the Badar war

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Location of the Badar War (illustration)
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Location of the Badar War (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Badar War was the first clash between Muslims and the Quraysh. But the victory was never bragged about by Muslims for fear that it would tempt the Quraysh to further attack Muslims all the way to Medina.

Muslims believe that the victory of the day is God's help. In addition, it is also because there are several supporting factors that make the victory achieved by Muslims.

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First, the Muslims fought under one command and the Prophet Muhammad himself was their commander-in-chief. Disciplined soldiers were what every war commander wanted, and the Muslim forces of that time were very disciplined.

Although the Muslims were vastly outnumbered by the Quraysh, discipline and obedience to the commanders led the Muslims to victory.

As a war commander, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) did not necessarily, he always consulted his companions in every decision he made. As for the infidels, they have no unity of purpose.

Among the Quraysh, Abu Jahl was eager to kill the Prophet, especially after the death of the Prophet's uncle, Abu Tholib. Then the Utbah who also did not want the presence of the new teachings brought by the Prophet Muhammad could replace the teachings of their ancestors. These two ways of seeing Quraysh men were so different that it was enough to separate the Quraysh army.

Second, the Prophet marched from Medina to Badar using a good strategy. The Prophet sent a patrol team to gather information, before war broke out.

Thirdly, the goal of the two camps is a separate world. Muslims want to ensure freedom of thought, worship and expression for all.

Muslims have been subjected to much suffering by the Quraysh for a decade and a half. It is time for the Quraysh to be taught a lesson in mutual respect for basic human rights.

The goal of the Quraysh was only that outlined by Abu Jahl, which was to kill Muhammad and feast. Abu Jahl said: “We will march to Badar and stay there for three days. And we would slaughter camels to eat, throw big feasts and make it open for everyone to come and eat. We would drink a lot of wine and would be entertained by singers and dancers. If this is known, all the Arab tribes will amaze us for the rest of time”. It's a shortsighted goal of people driven by arrogance.

Four, morale among Muslims was very high, even among them many who had just first joined the battle in Badar. Good equipment and numerical strength cannot win a battle if morale is absent. This applies to all wars, both ancient and modern.

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