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Effective method to neutralize radicalism and terrorism

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, By: Soedibyo, Former head of State Intelligence Coordination Agency (BAKIN)

Radicalism and terrorism took place recently has clearly disturbing national security and order of the country. Political Analysis is predicting the actors of radicalism and terrorism have been influenced by the ideological conflict to take place in other country.

To prevent the worse situation caused by those kind of radicalism and terrorism and not to take place again in the coming days, a complete steps are likely important to be adopted, namely to save the Pancasila ideology and to prevent the influence of the foreign situation among the Indonesian citizens.

Recently Indonesia is considered under the threat of radicalism and terrorism done by unclear group of among the Indonesian citizens. It was not clear what is demanded by those radical and terrorist groups. However some political analysis predicted the present radicalism and terrorism were done by a number of young Indonesian who has been influenced by radicalism and terrorism from other country.  

To save the country and the whole people of Indonesia especially the young generation as the main element of the future citizens of this country, a wise step should be taken conceptually.  A firm, hard and strong course of action should be made completed with the re-education program.

The considerable firm, hard and strong steps that could be adopted by the Indonesian Government to fight the present radical and terrorist threat, are:

First, the Indonesian authority should not allow the presence of all the foreign ideology, teaching and even religious messages which are against Pancasila and endangering the country of Indonesia.  The Indonesian authority has noted that all the radical movements manipulating the religion have shown that it were just activities influenced by a certain foreign figure who were pretending as a great religious leader.

Second, it is predicted many young Indonesian generation were influenced by a certain foreign religious leader who taught them that for the sake of religious struggle they should be ready to act radically even to act as the suicide bomber.

Third, accordingly the immigration office should actively watches all Indonesian citizens who are going and returning home after living in any trouble area abroad. The suspected persons that were predicted to have been influenced by extreme view from abroad could be directly separated from his group and temporarily located in certain place for detail inspection and re-education. The re-education program is a program to normalize the heart and feeling and also the way of thinking of the persons concern.

Fourth, in conclude somebody which is strongly suspected as the element of terrorism for the sake of prevention can be directly treated under the security apparatus control and sent to special location for re-education program. This kind of persons would be freed if the identification showing they are clear and clean. Young Indonesian generation should consciously realize that those who have been suspected to be influenced by radicalism and terrorism abroad should  be saved and re-educated correctly. They are not detained but they are put under strong military control system.

Fifth, the National Body on the Crushing of Terrorism (BNPT) is developed to have the power to take firm step to control and to identify those of suspected individuals.  The National Body on the crushing of terrorism is re-organized to be more professional under the command of a qualified leadership comprising of the Police, Military, Law experts and Religious leader.

Sixth, to guarantee that the government of Indonesia is respecting humanism, the House of Representative namely Commission I is authorized to check the activity of the National Body on the Crushing of Radicalism and Terrorism at any time.

Seven, officially the socialization of Pancasila ideology among young Indonesian generation is increased through a special program under the coordination by the Minister of Education.

Last but not least, to neutralize the influence of dangerous teaching and messages from abroad, the brave action of the Indonesian religious leader are really expected to be bravely rejecting those of dangerous foreign teaching and messages.

Indonesia now is considered to be under the radicalism and terrorism threat influenced by the critical situation in other country abroad. Some analysis is predicting the radicalism and terrorism threat faced by the Indonesian is not just tactical problem but it is likely strategic problem that should be solved strategically. The radicalism and terrorism that took place recently is predicted influenced by the foreign situation. It is strongly predicted the actor of terrorism has been influenced by other extreme philosophy or religious teaching abroad. Accordingly this problem should be solved strategically.

Strategically all the ideology to have relation with foreign affair and against the Pancasila ideology are forbidden to be spread off in Indonesia. Someone who is identified to be influenced by those forbidden teaching and messages from abroad is subject to be put under control of the security apparatus for the detail identification and re-education process.

The National Body for the Crushing of Radicalism and Terrorism (BNPT) is developed to have the authority and capability to conduct intensive identification upon the suspected persons and to implement the re-education centre as described above. This important body is accordingly to have the authority to identify the Indonesian citizens returning home after living in critical countries abroad. The National Body for the Crushing of Radicalism and Terrorism is authorize to separate any suspected individuals from his community and located them in a certain place for detail identification and re-education. Those suspect influenced Indonesian citizens by ideological conflict abroad were located in special location designed for detail identification and re-education process.

The objective of the re-education program is to normalize the way of thinking of the persons concern. The re-education centre is not detained camp but special dormitory house control strictly by the security apparatus. The socialization of Pancasila among Young Indonesian generation is increased with the appointing of the Minister of Education as the project officer.

To control the operation of The National Body for the Crushing of Terrorism and Radicalism, The House of Representative namely Commission I has the authority to check the activity of the National Body for the Crushing of Terrorism and Radicalism at any time. The Government of Indonesia should always respect the individual human right of all the Indonesian people in the framework of respecting humanism.

To neutralize the bad influence of a certain foreign religious leader among Young Indonesian generation, the brave actions of Indonesian Religious Leader to challenge the influence of those of foreign religious leaders are expected. Young Indonesian generation should be always reminded and consciously prepare their future life perfectly.

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