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Al Irsyad Women Association Dispenses Palestinian Donation IDR 731 Million

Palestine is a special place inhabited by extraordinary people.

Rep: Umar Mukhtar/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Al Irsyad Women Association.
Foto: Republika/Umar Mukhtar
Al Irsyad Women Association.

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Al Irsyad Women association distributed a donation to help the Palestinian people of Rp 731,100,000. The total value of this donation is funneled through four agencies that partner with it.

The four institutions are Al-Irsyad National Amil Zakat Institute (Laznas), Adara Relief International, Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C), and Aqsa Working Group (AWG). The handover of Palestinian donations to four representatives of the institution was carried out symbolically at Abubakar Assiddiq Mosque, Cawang, Jakarta, Thursday (23/11/2023).

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The donation handover was attended by Chairman of Al-Irsyad Women Association Fahimah Abdul Kadir Askar, Secretary General Djamilah Haidar Bahasoean, Chairman of Al-Irsyad Zakat Board Samsul Bahri, President Director of Adara Relief International Maryam Rachmayani, Chairman of the Presidium of Aqsa Working Group (AWG) M Ansharullah, and Head of Fundraising Division MER-C Larissa.

Fahimah Abdul Kadir Askar said, Palestine is a special place inhabited by extraordinary people. The Palestinian people are mentally steel and are currently in trouble so need help.

“But they did not ask because they believed that God's help would surely come. Their suffering is our call to help sustainably through various programs,” he said.

Fahimah also said that the donations collected are sourced from fundraising in all Al-Irsyad Women's Branch Managers throughout Indonesia and throughout Irsyadiyah. He thanked all parties who have supported this fundraiser and donated for the Palestinian people.

“Thank God, the funds raised are the result of donations from all Irshadiyah throughout the Motherland and also abroad who care and want to alleviate the suffering of brothers in Palestine,” he said.

Fahimah stressed that the donations collected over approximately 45 days mean a lot to the brothers in Palestine. The donations distributed are not just a sum of money but also an expression of love and solidarity for those Palestinians who need a helping hand.

In collecting donations, there are a number of ways that Al-Irsyad Women have done in rallying concern for the Palestinian people. Among them with great tabligh activities, cheap sembako bazar, long march, and others. The aim is to show concern for the Palestinian people especially in Gaza.

“Joining hands together, namely Laznas Al-Irsyad, Adara, MER-C, and the Aqsa Working Group, let us take this spirit of togetherness as a trigger to care for humanity, which is not only in this difficult moment but also throughout the journey of our lives. Without cooperation and care, this achievement will not be possible,” he said.

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