Saturday, 20 Safar 1441 / 19 October 2019

Saturday, 20 Safar 1441 / 19 October 2019

Moeldoko asks public to not participate on May 22 rally

Senin 20 May 2019 18:53 WIB

Red: Nur Aini

Sejumlah anggota Brimob saat menaiki motor di Monas, Jakarta, Senin (20/5).

Sejumlah anggota Brimob saat menaiki motor di Monas, Jakarta, Senin (20/5).

Foto: Republika/Putra M. Akbar
Moeldoko said there a terrorist group want to start anarchism.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The Presidential Palace asked public to not participate in a rally on May 22. The rally was planned to question about 2019 presidential election and also legislative election result that will be announced by General Election Commission (KPU) on that day. 

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There was suspicion if the rally on May 22 ridden by several groups. According to Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko, the groups want to divisive the unity and make the situation chaotic. 

“There will be a terrorist group, a group that wants to make trigger to a martyr, and it will be the start point of anarchism,” said Moeldoko on Monday (May 20). 

Moeldoko saw an effort from certain parties to build a scenario to target the government. In addition, he assessed there was people behind May 22 rally, that wanted Indonesian Military (TNI) and National Police to be subject of offence. 

In order to avoid the scenario, TNI together with National Police denied to not use ammunition weapons and sharp weapons in safeguarding May 22 rally. Moeldoko said the security personnel will avoid direct contact with the masses. 

“Tactically, we have arranged well, so we hope there will be no victim from TNI and National Police,” Moeldoko added. 

Moeldoko is optimistic that all parties including TNI and National Police, also regional government have worked hard to have dialogue with many elements of community. 

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