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Selasa, 8 Sya'ban 1439 / 24 April 2018

Prominent Figure Should Obedient to the Law

Jumat 19 Mei 2017 00:24 WIB

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By : Wildan Nasution *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, The Jakarta Police plan to issue a warrant to pick up Muchsin Alatas, head of the Islamic Defender Front’s (FPI) Jakarta branch, in relation to a pornographic conversation that allegedly involved the group’s leader, Rizieq Shihab. A warrant for Muchsin would be issued along with a similar warrant against the leader. Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Argo Yuwono said on Monday, that the leader had allegedly told Muchsin to throw his smartphone away. But, quoted by media, Argo said after called him twice for questioning, he never showed up.

Previously the Jakarta Police has announced that they would detain the firebrand leader as soon as he returned to the country after the FPI leader failed to show up twice for questioning as a witness in a pornography case. Rizieq’s lawyer, Kapitra Ampera, said on April 27 that Rizieq went on umrah, with his family. He has not returned to Indonesia since. 

As a prominent figure, he should have submissive to law process in Indonesia related with his cases. because if he doesn’t obey to law process mechanism in Indonesia, it would occur some of effects such as first, he as the leader doesn’t give a good sample for all of Indonesian people especially his supporters and sympathizers. For public figure, he must give a good sample as a good citizens. 

Second, if still doesn’t show-up, he will lose a chance to prove that he doesn’t involve at pornography case eventhough Firza Husein as a main suspected at these case. This implication is a satire perception or a negative image will be taken by the FPI leader from public. Because of that, they reputation has been faded-away.

Third, other Muslim organization’s leader will also be taken negative impact from this case, especially close-friend of him because people perception will be constructed that other Muslim organization leader has allegedly been had a common habit. The implication of this situation is other Muslim organization will be collapsed.

Lesson learned

Anyway, from this case, as a nation of Indonesia, we will have several lesson learned. First, using an identity politic as a political tools to get political purpose has been had high risk in Indonesia, because an identitic politic symbol has a crucial thing which can break national integrity and puncture pluralism situation in Indonesia.

Second, whoever as a prominent public figure must be kept their speak and their attitude because whatever you speak, it will follow with your supporter or symphatizers and its could be torned your image if your statement was politicized by an interest groups which has an opponent habit.

Third, muslim societies in Indonesia must have a common perception that this case doesn’t reflect theologian discrimination because the case has been raised from his action and it doesn’t have any correlation with theologian discrimination. Indonesian government unlikely have an intention to make theologian discrimination on this case. Having a common perception about this crucial issues is an urgent for muslim societies in Indonesia so that they aren’t involve in any provocation or any propaganda movement on these case.

*) The author is a senior researcher at Center of Risk Strategic Intelligence Assessment (Cersia), Jakarta.

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