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Palm Sugar Traders in Lebak Receive Ramadhan Blessings

Palm sugar traders are unable to meet consumer demand.

Petani memasukan air aren ke dalam cetakan saat proses pembuatan gula aren (ilustrasi).
Foto: Antara/Andri Saputra
Petani memasukan air aren ke dalam cetakan saat proses pembuatan gula aren (ilustrasi).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, RANGKAS BITUNG -- Palm sugar traders in Lebak Regency, Banten received Ramadhan blessings because consumer demand soared.

"During Ramadan the average turnover is IDR 50 million per day," said a large palm sugar trader, Fahri (60 years) in Rangkasbitung, Lebak Regency, Banten, Saturday (Mar.30, 2024).

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Fahri earned an income of IDR 50 million per day after being able to sell two tons of sugar at a price of IDR 25 thousand per kilogram. In fact, on a normal day, Fahri can sell palm sugar for around IDR 15 million per day.

Palm sugar consumers mostly come from outside the region, such as Tangerang, Jakarta, Bogor, Bekasi and Bandung. Apart from that, Fahri also continues to supply retail traders at Rangkasbitung Market.

"We are fortunate that demand has increased and can be served because we are also supplied by palm sugar craftsmen," Fahmi added.

Every day Fahmi collects palm sugar from craftsmen in Sobang, Muncang, Leuwidamar, Cirinten, Cibeber, Lebak Gedong, Cigemblong, Cijaku and Cilograng districts.

Chairman of the Joint Business Group (KUBE) Mitra Mandala, Sobang District, Lebak Regency, Anwar Aan, said that KUBE Mitra is now overwhelmed by community requests. In fact, KUBE Mitra has collected sugar from 148 craftsmen on a sap plantation area of ​​170 hectares.

"The quality of palm sugar here is really good. Sugar production is also done organically, without using chemicals," said Anwar.

Apart from that, palm sugar production uses manual equipment so the palm sugar tastes quite sweet and fragrant.

The owner of a culinary shop, Surya (45 years), who sells various traditional foods on Jalan Sunan Bonang Rangkasbitung, Lebak Regency, said that during the holy month of Ramadan, palm sugar stocks ran low. Because there are many requests from the public.

"Consumers usually buy palm sugar as souvenirs," Surya said.

Meanwhile, the Lebak Regency Department of Industry and Trade Young Industrial Extension Officer, Sutisna, said that currently the number of palm sugar craftsmen in Lebak is 6,000 businesses. They also developed because they were supported by sufficient raw materials for sugar palm plantations.

The Lebak Regency Government has designated palm sugar as a regional superior product. Palm sugar generates up to IDR 96.65 billion in the local economy.

"We continue to improve the quality so that Lebak palm sugar penetrates the export market," said Sutisna.


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