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Rice Availability in Ternate Enough Before Ramadan

Food Task Force North Maluku checks availability of groceries before Ramadan.

Workers unloading rice.
Foto: Republika/Thoudy Badai
Workers unloading rice.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TERNATE -- The North Maluku Police (Malut) food task force team conducted a sudden inspection (Sidak) at Bulog rice warehouse, Gamalama Hygienic market and food market in Ternate to ensure the availability of rice and other staples before Ramadan 1445 Hijriyah.

“From the results of the survey, we get that the price of 5 kilograms of rice corresponds to the HET, that is Rp 59 thousand that goes to retail partners of bulog,” said the Director of Reskrimsus of the North Maluku Kombes Police Pol Afriadi Lesmana in Ternate, Friday (8/3/2024).

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The Board of Directors of the North Maluku Police conveyed the inspection of this important staple in connection with the issue of increasing the price of rice and staples before Ramadan, so the food task force of the North Maluku Police carried out an unannounced inspection.

Therefore, as the chairman of the North Maluku Police Food Task Force Team, which was attended by Head of Bulog Warehouse Ternate Zadrach Evert Pattiwael, and Paur Mitra Subbid Penmas of Public Relations of North Maluku Police.

Dirreskrimsus also explained that rice prices outside Ternate did increase slightly due to the difference in postage. “We will coordinate with Bulog regarding the difference through this postage, because the determined HET is Rp 59 thousand,” he said.

Therefore, to the entire Malut community, if there are sellers who raise the price of rice and other staples, it is not in accordance with the conditions to report them to the Police or the authorities.

Meanwhile Head of Bulog Warehouse Ternate Zadarach Evert Pattiwael added that rice stocks in North Moluccas are approximately 700 tonnes and are on the way around 5,600 tonnes.

“For rice needs stocks are still safe up to lebaran, finished lebaran is also safe,” he added.

He also expressed support with the presence of local government programs that carry out low-cost market activities, in the presence of this activity Bulog is ready to supply rice to these activities.

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