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Tebuireng Headmaster Asks Pesantren to Evaluate Its Internal Management

Violence in boarding school is not at all justified

Pesantren Illustration. Violence in boarding schools is not justified at all
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Pesantren Illustration. Violence in boarding schools is not justified at all

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, KEDIRI— The caregivers of Pondok Pesantren (Ponpes) Tebuireng, Jombang Regency, East Java (Jatim), KH Abdul Hakim Mahfudz or Gus Kikin asked all parties of both the boarding school and the parents to introspect each other after their death in Kediri and come together so that the management is even better.

“We are all certainly very concerned about the events that happened to Ananda Bintang. We pray all the best for the deceased. May this be the last tragedy that occurs in the boarding school environment,” he said in a release received in Kediri, Sunday (4/3/2024).

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He also invited to examine the events that befell BM (14), Pondok Pesantren Tartilul Quran (PPTQ) Al Hanifiyyah, in Mojo District, Kediri Regency, who was a victim of persecution until he died.

Gus Kikin expressed concern over the incident and encouraged an ongoing evaluation, as changes in behavior among adolescents today are often surprising. The condition of the child also cannot be released from the parenting pattern in the family environment.

“Consciously or not, many parents use the device as a baby sitter for their children from the age of toddlers. As a result, not a few imitate the violent behavior of what they watch on the device,” he said.

The official (Pj) Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama Region (NU) Jatim added that this condition is certainly a particular challenge for the boarders and carers of the boarding school.

Therefore, according to him, boarding school managers should also always be adaptive and anticipatory to various developments and changes in the society.

“Of course, by keeping the high values of boarding schools as inspiration and guidelines in guiding the daily life of students,” he said.

Santri PPTQ Al Hanifiyyah, in Mojo District, Kediri Regency, with the initials BM (14) was abused by his seniors until he died in the cottage area.

Police Chief of Kediri Kota AKBP Bramastyo Priaji revealed that police have identified four suspects: AF (16) from Denpasar Bali, MN (18) from Sidoarjo, MA (18) from Nganjuk, and AK (17) from Surabaya. One of the suspects is still a brother, AF. They had a role in the persecution resulting in the death of the victim.

Police have also carried out reconstruction and it is known that the persecution was carried out continuously, namely February 18, February 21, and February 22, 2024 until the early hours of February 23. The victim was later pronounced dead on Friday (23/2).

Examining doctors also revealed on the victim's body were found numerous injuries which were mainly upper body.

“For the temporary mistreatment using bare hands and blunt netting, this corresponds to the received reports that there were injuries on the victim's body,” the police said.

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