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Denny JA Reveals How to Assess Survey Agency Credibility

Denny JA Reveals the Differences Between Pollsters and Political Consultants.

AROPI founder Denny January Ali.
Foto: dok istimewa
AROPI founder Denny January Ali.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA--Indonesian Public Opinion Research Association (AROPI) founder Denny Januar Ali said the way to assess the credibility of pollsters and political consultants is to look at their digital track record. According to him, viewing digital track records can be done very easily.

“Just look at the digital footprint. That is the easiest way to assess the credibility of pollsters, as well as political consultants,” Denny JA said in a statement on Wednesday (7/2/2024).

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Denny, who is also the founder of the pollster LSI Denny JA, added that during this time, some of the public also did not understand different pollsters and political consulting agencies. Denny said one of the differences between pollsters and political consultants is that pollsters only report public opinion. Meanwhile, political consultants work using pollsters' data to 'change' public opinion through a number of programs.

Denny insists that pollsters are judged on the accuracy of the data. Pollsters do not consider it important who the vice president wins or loses. “The important thing is that the data is accurate. Accuracy becomes the first precept of pollsters,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, political consultants rated his ability to win clients. According to him, this is only possible if the survey data used are accurate. “It's impossible for a political consultant to win clients based on inaccurate data. The most beautiful word for a political consultant: win!” said Denny JA.

He called the pollster program different from the political consultant program. The work of pollsters is only research through surveys, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), media analysis, to indepth interviews. Whereas the political consultant program is much more complex. In addition to generating electability data periodically, political consultants must create a sobering strategy.

“Pollsters employ hundreds of people at most. But the political chancellor for the presidential election could employ thousands of people from Aceh to Papua,” he said.

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