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Legendary Singer Nicky Astria Holds Concert on February 24th Get Ready for Nostalgia

At Nicky Astria's concert, Andi Rif will be a guest singer.

Rep: Shelbi Asrianti/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Nicky Astria (second from left).
Foto: Dok. Dok HM Entertainment
Nicky Astria (second from left).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Indonesia's legendary female rock singer, Nicky Astria, will soon stage a concert in her hometown of Bandung, West Java. The show, titled “Bias Rays in the Old City”, will take place on February 24, 2024.

Conducted by HM Entertainment, the concert will be held at Cornerstone Auditorium, Paskal 23 Bandung. Tohpati Band will lead the music at the upcoming concert, while Andi/rif will be guest singers and perform three songs, including a duet with Nicky.

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There is a unique story behind the preparation of the concert. Nicky was forced to violate the permission of her husband, Gunanta Afrina. Because, during this time, the husband only gave permission to stage the show once a year.

For 2024, Nicky has signed a contract to perform with an event organizer, which is planned to be held in April, after the holidays. “Well this offer (concert in Bandung with HM Entertainment) came recently, and my manager convinced me to take this job. So then I have to discuss and argue with the coach first with my husband,” Nicky said, quoted from her official statement.

The 56-year-old tried to reassure her husband by saying the momentum and location of the upcoming concert were great. Since Nicky's older brother and children were also there, the husband finally gave permission.

With the age of five, according to Nicky, he is reluctant to be too active in the music world. He also has no official fan club, except those run directly by the fans.

“Even though I'm not as active as I used to be, the enthusiasm of the fans is so overwhelming and it's often moving. Therefore, this kind of stage becomes an event to let go of the misses as well,” says Nicky.

Harry Murti from HM Entertainment gave reasons for choosing a concert venue in Bandung. It was a request from fans in various posts on social media. “This show is also Nicky Astria's welcome back show,” said Harry, who is involved with JacksLive Promotions and Bass Production from Bandung.

The concert provides two classes of tickets, namely Gold (Rp 1.65 million) and Platinum (Rp 2.25 million). Tickets can be obtained through the website tiketnonton.com, Mrs. Dibyo's ticket app, or contact via 081290779080.

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