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IDR 7.1 Billion Zakat of Padang Semen Employees During 2023 Will Be Disbursed

Distribution of zakat infak and charity improves the welfare of the community.

Illustration of channeling zakat.
Foto: dok Baznas
Illustration of channeling zakat.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PADANG -- Baznas Zakat Collecting Unit (UPZ) of PT Semen Padang, West Sumatra reported that it has distributed zakat to the company's employees amounting to IDR 7.1 billion during 2023.

“The billion-rupiah zakat fund was channeled through six programs in Baznas Semen Padang,” said Head of Baznas Semen Padang Daily Executive Muhammad Arif in Padang last week.

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The six programs are in the fields of education, health, humanitarian, economics, advocacy and charity. The distribution of zakat is in accordance with the established zones. For zone one is the area located around the company's facilities which includes Lubuk Kilangan Subdistrict, Pauh District, Lubuk Begalung District and Padang Barat District.

Then to ring two of the oldest cement companies in Southeast Asia handed zakat outside Padang City, one of them in Mentawai Kepulauan Regency.

“In Mentawai we have a special program which is conversion coaching in cooperation with 51 dai who are partners of Semen Padang,” Arif said.

The realisation of the zakat fund amounted to IDR 7.1 billion based on eight asnaf or persons entitled to receive zakat. The breakdown is Rp609 million for the poor, the poor at Rp1.5 billion more, and the amil at Rp765 million.

Furthermore, the conversion fee of Rp741 million was earmarked for the construction of 51 dais spread in the Mentawai Islands Regency, the asnaf owed IDR 12 million, the Ibn Sabil or traveler who encountered difficulties on the way amounted to IDR 3 million, and the fiscal loss amounted to Rp3.4 billion more.

“In this fiscal year, Rp3.4 billion more funds were distributed to 121 regular scholarship recipients, 592 incidental scholarship recipients and other recipients,” he said.

Accordingly, the Head of the Department of Communications and Corporate Law of PT Semen Padang Iskandar Z Lubis welcomed the move of UPZ Baznas Semen Padang which distributes employee zakat to those in need.

“In the teachings of Islam every property that is owned has the rights of others in it, especially the needy. So, taking away some of the possessions we have is helping the survival of others,” he said.

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