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48 Cadre of Ulema in Samarinda Receives Educational Scholarship to Yemen

Cadres of ulema will strengthen religious moderation and tolerance in society.

Illustration of clerical caderization program.
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Illustration of clerical caderization program.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SAMARINDA -- The city government of Samarinda, East Kalimantan, awarded scholarships to 48 cadres of ulema to continue education programs in Yemen.

The head of the People's Welfare Section of the Regional Secretariat (Kabag Kesra Setda) of Samarinda Kumarulzaman said the cadres of ulema program is one of the programs of the local government in the field of education provided annually.

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“For 2023, the total number of scholarship registrants was 78 people, but after going through three stages of selection of participants, 50 people were declared to graduate,” said Kamarulzaman, who is also a representative of the cadres of ulema selection committee in Samarinda, some time ago.

Of the 50 participants who had declared passed the selection, there were two unable to continue attending the clerical caderisation programme.

Thus, the number of participants who will receive scholarships and continue their education in Yemen was recorded as 48, consisting of 37 sons and 11 daughters. “The participants will be deployed to Yemen in January 2024,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Assistant I Setda of Samarinda City Muhammad Ridwan Tasa said that the clerical caderization program is in line with the vision of Samarinda Municipality, namely to realize Samarinda as the Central City of Civilization.

“In the context of the central city of civilization it is a city that moves in parallel and in balance that puts forward between material physical development, spiritual mental development and population economic development, so this is what we conclude with the well-being of the people,” he said.

The government wants its citizens to be smart and have morals, so that various development programs can be implemented smoothly. “A conducive atmosphere is firmly awakened in the midst of the karimah citizens of Samarinda City,” he explained.

He hoped that later the clerical cadres could become devotees of the people, teaching and spreading the religious science that he had acquired during his education in Yemen. Able to be a good teacher and build the spiritual mind of the karimah citizens of Samarinda City.

Symbolically, the scholarship for clerical caderization was handed over by Muhammad Ridwan Tasa together with the Head of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Ministry of Religious Affairs) of Samarinda City Baequni to one representative of sons and daughters of Samarinda City clerical caderization participants in 2023.

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