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Satan at Home, This is The Solution of It from Al Azhar Ulema

Satan's deceit against man is actually weak

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Satan's deceit against man is actually weak even when he is at home. Illustration of eating together at home
Satan's deceit against man is actually weak even when he is at home. Illustration of eating together at home

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, Cairo—In an online discussion, Professor of Islamic Law at Al-Azhar University of Egypt Sheikh Mabrouk Attia was asked by someone who claimed to be frequently harassed by demonsin his home. The so-called devil often interferes with the family in the house and asks for a solution.

Sheikh Mabrouk Attia said that people often blame disasters or difficulties faced on demons. In fact, the deceit of evil is weak and more often misfortunes or difficulties come because of man's own efforts.

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“God has guided us to His straight path, and when a person gets married, his life should change 180 degrees, from loneliness to togetherness, from cramped to airy, and from worry and distress to the disappearance of worries and sorrows,” he said.

Attia reminds of the recommendation to remember God at mealtimes, so that Satan does not eat together. According to him, the recommendation is a metaphor for eating without blessings that makes people quarrel for trivial reasons, such as lack of salt and others.

The first step you can take is to be grateful for all the delights that exist from the small to the most felt. With gratitude, the activity of eating will be a blessing and will avoid demonic behaviors.

In a hadith it is mentioned that the Prophet advocated that a Muslim should not denounce his food. From Jabir Ra, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

أن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم سال أهله الأدم فقالوا: ما عندنا إلا خل فدعا به فجعل يأكل ويقول: نعم الأدم الخل نعم الأدم الخل

“The Prophet asked his wife for a side dish. Then they replied, “We have no side dish except vinegar. Then he asked her and ate it (with bread) and said, “The best side dish is vinegar, the best side dish is vinegar.” “(narrated by Muslim)

In addition to advising to remember God when eating and drinking. He also reminded of the importance of remembering God in various other matters in every activity.

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