Jumat , 11 August 2017, 01:18 WIB

Police arrest three suspected terrorists in Jambi

Red: Reiny Dwinanda
Terrorist (Illustration)
Terrorist (Illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAMBI -- Police arrested three suspected terrorists at Kasang Kumpeh village in Muarojambi district, Jambi province, on Thursday afternoon.

Chief of the criminal investigation unit at the Muarojambi district police station, Adjunct Commissioner Handreas confirmed the arrest but he refused to elaborate on it.

"It is true that (three people) have been arrested. But they have been taken to the provincial police station," he said.

The provincial police has not issued an official announcement about the arrest.

Local resident Suherman justified the arrest."True, the arrest was made this afternoon," he said.

He said after being arrested the three suspected terrorists were taken to the Mobile Brigade (Brimob) Station of the Jambi provincial police. "It is Brimob peronnel who arrested them," he said. 

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