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Redpumpkin Generative AI Assistant Platform: Innovative Solutions to Improve MSME

MSMEs need more features and content that make it easy to increase productivity.

Artificial Intelligence, ilustrasi
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Artificial Intelligence, ilustrasi

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The challenges of MSMEs in the digital era are related to limited resources, but are required to provide fast and effective customer support. Therefore, MSMEs need more features and content that make it easy to increase their productivity. This need can be addressed by Generate AI technology.

ICS Compute, an IT Consulting and Service company, launched the Redpumpkin Generative AI Assistant Platform. This platform is made using Amazon Web Services (AWS), so that it can provide ease of implementation, very affordable prices, and strong performance, making it ideal for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

“Redpumpkin Gen AI Assistant, the perfect solution for businesses that want to improve customer service, task automation, and productivity,” said ICS Compute CEO and Founder Budhi Wibawa through his remarks at the Media Briefing Launching Redpumpkin Generative AI Assistant Platform ICS Compute, at the Ritz Carlton, South Jakarta.

ICS Compute CEO and Founder Budhi Wibawa. - (Dok. Web)

Through AWS cloud services, he continued, ICS Compute provides solutions that are affordable, fast to implement, and powerful, allowing MSMEs to access advanced technology according to their needs.

ICS explained that built on Amazon Bedrock infrastructure and using the Anthropic model, Redpumpkin ensures the security and privacy of customer data with the best uptime service level agreement (SLA) and implements backup and recovery protocols according to best practices.

With intuitive tools and customizable templates, businesses can easily create virtual assistants that suit their needs. These templates can be embedded directly into customer websites, ensuring seamless integration.

The platform can process text, images, documents, and URLs, and supports various types of data such as web content (HTML), text files (TXT, CSV, Markdown), PDFs, Microsoft Office files (PPTX, DOCX, XLSX), and YouTube transcripts, allowing businesses to train virtual assistants with relevant data for accurate customer responses through the “instruction/prompting” feature.

Affordable and Ready-to-Use Solutions for MSME Operational Problems

“Redpumpkin Generative AI Assistant is a ready-to-use and affordable solution for MSME operational problems. ICS Compute provides full support from consultation to training to its customers, ensuring every business can adopt this technology easily,” Budhi explained.

The implementation process of this product is fast, only in a matter of days. ICS can implement in the AWS environment of the customer's choice, either the customer's AWS Private or the AWS environment provided by ICS as a SaaS solution.

With data analysis capabilities, the virtual assistant can also provide insights into sales trends and customer preferences, helping MSME owners make better business decisions. Powered by NLP and Anthropic Cloud v3, this virtual assistant supports multiple languages, including Bahasa Indonesia.

Increased Productivity in Various Sectors

According to Budhi, Gen AI technology plays an important role in the democratization of high technology products at various business scales.

“With Redpumpkin Gen AI Assistant, MSMEs can experience a significant increase in productivity, reducing the workload by half by utilizing the data they have. This certainly results in a more efficient response, increasing operational productivity by up to 60 percent,” he added.

At the end of the session Budhi said, Gen AI-based virtual assistants can be useful in various sectors such as retail and e-commerce, hospitality and tourism with 24/7 services, healthcare with schedules and frequently asked questions, education with administrative efficiency, finance and insurance with real-time information, and technical support in manufacturing.

Last year, An integration system company that focuses on cloud solutions, ICS Compute won an award from Amazon Web Services (AWS), namely Indonesia Partner of the Year 2023 and Channel Partner Private Offers (CPPO) as the first local Indonesian partner.

"This award is a form of recognition of our competence as a cloud computing provider," said ICS Compute CEO Budhi Wibawa, reported from Antara.

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