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Fan Interaction with Indonesian National Players Is More Restricted

Team strength is not maximal against Vietnam due to injuries, illness, and card accumulation.

Rep: Fitriyanto/ Red: Budi Raharjo
Chairman of PSSI Erick Thohir.
Foto: Republika/Thoudy Badai
Chairman of PSSI Erick Thohir.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Chairman of PSSI Erick Thohir expressed his apologies to the supporters of the Indonesian national team because the interaction with coaches and national players has intensified.

“Apologies to the fans, fans, if (interaction with) our team has tightened. It is not to disappreciate the fans and supporters, because indeed our national team must be looked after,” Erick told the media crew after reviewing the conditions of the Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta, Wednesday (5/6/2024).

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He said that the Indonesian national team currently does not have 22 players with the same quality of ability. That is, if a player is absent due to illness or injury, it can weaken the strength of the team.

Erick also exemplified the strength of Garuda's squad, which was not maximized due to illness, injury, and a ban from playing due to the accumulation of yellow cards in the previous away match in Vietnam.


“Well, this is what we have to take care of. So I apologize (to the supporters of the Indonesian national team),” Erick said.

The Indonesian national team will play two matches in the second round of the 2024 Asian World Cup qualification, namely against Iraq on June 6 and the Philippines on June 11.

Erick said it was targeting coach Shin Tae-yong's squad to bag maximum points when hosting both opponents at Gelora Bung Karno Main Stadium in Jakarta.

“It's two games, Indonesia versus Iraq, Indonesia versus Philippines. We want to take as many points as possible,” he said.

After qualifying for the second round, Garuda's squad will return to the third round scheduled for September, October and November.

Erick added that the Indonesian team will play 10 matches until June 2025 so it must be prepared from now on in order to achieve the best result in each match.

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