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Prabowo Has Not Discussed Cabinet

The free lunch program is estimated to have an impact on many sectors.

Rep: Nawir Arysad Akbar/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Sufmi Dasco Ahmad.
Foto: Republiika/Nawir Arsyad Akbar
Sufmi Dasco Ahmad.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Chairman of Gerindra Party, Sufmi Dasco Ahmad claims that Prabowo Subianto has not discussed the cabinet for the period 2024-2029. The president-elect said he focused on formulating ideas during the campaign, one of which was the free lunch program.

“There has never been any talk about the cabinet, Mr. Prabowo is concentrating on formulating, reviewing free lunches, and some excellent programs during the campaign,” Dasco said at Nusantara II Building, Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (14/5/2024).

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“Precisely for the talks as to how to fill the cabinet, whoever is in the cabinet, what the number in the cabinet has never been talked about,” he continued.

One of the formulas of the free lunch program is to take advantage of the existing budget. Including a pattern of distribution of free lunches to recipients of such programs.

“And this is still not final, it is still being studied, and still in simulations, comparative studies are also being carried out to several countries that have successfully run lunch programs,” Dasco said.

Earlier, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto said that the free lunch program for students in Indonesia can encourage Small and Medium Micro Enterprises (MSMEs). As is known, the program was carried by the spouses of presidential candidates and vice presidential candidates in the order number 02.

“We see that the menu fits, the calories and nutrients can come in. That's where MSMEs are involved, that's the essence of the ecosystem,” Airlangga told reporters in Tangerang, Thursday (29/2/2024).

He confirmed that the free lunch program would have an impact on many sectors. Among them are health and MSMEs. In fact, according to him, people's purchasing power will increase.

The program, he added, will also ensure that children's nutritional intake is balanced so as to prevent and suppress stunting cases in Indonesia. “I see that children get a stipend of Rp 10 thousand to Rp 15 thousand that is used to go to school, buy food. Then with this program it can help children,” Airlangga said.

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