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30.625 Visitors Enjoy Bakauheni Harbour City Area

Bakauheni Harbour City is a tourist destination in Lampung.

Illustration of Bakauheni Harbour City Area (BHC).
Foto: dok. Republika
Illustration of Bakauheni Harbour City Area (BHC).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LAMPUNG SELATAN -- A total of 30,625 visitors crowded the Bakauheni Harbour City (BHC) area of South Lampung during the momentum of Eid al-Fitri 1445 H in the period from Wednesday (10/4) to Monday (15/4).

“The density of BHC area during the Lebaran holiday is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist destination and resting place for settlers and surrounding communities,” ASDP Corporate Secretary Shelvy Arifin said in a statement in Merak on Tuesday.

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Currently, visitors to BHC counting 5 days from Wednesday (10/4) to Monday (15/4) recorded 30,625 people and vehicles 8. 823 units.

The BHC area was prepared as one of the rest places for settlers before crossing, as well as a new tourist destination located at the port of crossing (Waterfront Tourism Destination).

So that settlers who are about to cross can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and relax for a while before continuing their journey.

Since its opening in April 2023, the enthusiasm of people visiting the integrated tourism area of Bakauheni Harbour City, especially visitors to Krakatau Park reached 88,469 people and visitors to Siger Park reached 115,694 people and more than 44.6 thousand vehicles during 2023.

In addition to offering comfortable facilities for rest, BHC also provides a wide range of attractions and activities of interest to visitors, from regional cuisine to local art and cultural performances.

This, he said, has not only become a magnet for local tourists, but also attracts tourists from outside the area to visit South Lampung, where there is the BSI Mosque that can accommodate about 2,000 worshippers.

In addition, the area of Siger BTN can accommodate 500 visitors, Siger Market Mandiri with a capacity of up to 200 visitors and Krakatau Park which can accommodate about 4,000 visitors.

“We are constantly working to improve the quality of services and facilities at BHC so that visitors feel satisfied and comfortable during their stay here. We also hope that BHC can make a positive contribution to the economic growth and tourism of the region by supporting MSMEs through the BHC 'Ngabuburit' event that presents 40 local MSME tenants from South Lampung and surrounding areas at the culinary festival,” Shelvy said.

According to him, the BHC area itself continues to be developed ASDP in order to be able to create new economic sources, PDRB and Tax Revenue and open new jobs for the surrounding communities.

In addition to experiencing a significant surge in visitors, the BHC Area also continues to make progress on ongoing development projects.

Currently development is still focused on district 1 Harbourside which has Siger Park and Krakatau Park, in the longer term there is further development in district 2 Harbourview and District 3 Harbourtown.

Some facilities that are planned to be built such as Hotels, Hospitals, and Commercial Areas, where some key facilities have reached 100 percent achievement, such as Siger Tower which is fully supported by BRI sponsors, Siger Foyer, Creative Hub supported by BNI, Selasar Siger financed by BTN, Siger Market supported by Mandiri, and Masjid supported by BSI. In fact, the parking areas in Siger Park and Krakatau Park have also been fully completed.

The construction of the first and second phase access roads has also reached a significant stage of completion, with achievement rates reaching 100 percent and 97 percent consecutively.

Despite this, construction of the Skybridge is still at a rate of 54 percent with a target of completion by April 2024, and the structuring of Siger Park has also reached 48 percent of the set target.

ASDP hopes that the development of the BHC waterfront area can become the center of a new tourist destination and icon in Indonesia, so that it can contribute to the economy and tourism of the region,” he said.

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