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Solo-Yogya Toll Road To Open Again During Lebaran Holidays 2024

Solo Yogya toll road is only for category 1 or nonbus four-wheelers.

A number of warning signs are installed on the side of the functional lane of the Solo-Yogyakarta toll road in Boyolali, Central Java, (illustration)
Foto: ANTARA FOTO/Aloysius Jarot Nugroho
A number of warning signs are installed on the side of the functional lane of the Solo-Yogyakarta toll road in Boyolali, Central Java, (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SOLO -- The Solo-Yogyakarta Toll Road is ready to be opened functionally again for support the smooth flow of homecoming and counterflow during the 2024 Lebaran holiday.

Jasamarga Jogja Solo (JMJ) President Director Rudy Hardiansyah said the 22 km long Kartasura-Klaten motorway will be temporarily opened on 5-15 April 2024 from 06.00-17.00 WIB, and only for category 1 four-wheelers or nonbuses. This restriction was made due to the Solo-Yogya expressway which is still in the construction phase.

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During the Lebaran holiday, the Solo-Yogya Toll Road will only work one way. In the period 5-11 April to go from the direction of Solo towards Yogya. Then, on April 12-15 to go from Yogyakarta to Solo.

Access to these toll-free expressways is twofold. First, from the Trans Java expressway, you can enter directly into GT Colomadu and exit at GT Ngawen and head to Yogya-Solo national road to Klaten and Yogyakarta. Secondly, access for vehicles from Jalan Raya Solo-Semarang can enter via GT Banyudono and exit at GT Karanganom or GT Ngawen.

Furthermore, in the reverse flow period on 12—15 April, vehicles of Solo, Boyolali, Kartasura destinations can enter via GT Karanganom or Ngawen and exit at GT Colomadu or GT Banyudono.

According to Rudy, the travel time via the Solo-Yogya functional expressway from Kartasura to Klaten can be shortened by up to 25 minutes compared to passing the Yogya-Solo national road which takes about 50 minutes. He estimated that there would be up to 12,000 vehicles crossing the Solo-Yogya functional toll in a day. He added portable toilets were already available on KM13.

The Solo-Yogyakarta Toll Road to Yogyakarta International Airport at Kulonprogo as a whole has a length of 96.57 km, consisting of three sections: Section 1 Solo—Klaten—Purwomartani (42.3 km), Section 2 Purwomartani—Monjali—Sleman (16 km), and Section 3 Gamping—Kulonprogo (38.57 km).

The Ministry of Transportation previously predicted the peak of Lebaran 2024 homecoming flow would be H-2 or Monday (8/4/2024) with a potential movement of 26.6 million people. Meanwhile, the estimated peak of the reverse flow is H+3, which is Sunday (14/4/2024) with a potential movement of 41 million people.

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