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Non-Halal Products Required to Declare as Non-Halal Indications

Halal certification obligation will be imposed by the Government from October 18, 2024.

Head of the Halal Product Guarantee Organization (BPJPH), M Aqil Irham.
Republika/Thoudy Badai Head of the Halal Product Guarantee Organization (BPJPH), M Aqil Irham.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Organizing Agency for the Guarantee of Halal Products (BPJPH) of the Ministry of Religious Affairs confirms that products derived from non-halal or non-halal ingredients must include non-halal information.

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“In principle, JPH regulation aims to provide protection and make it easier for people that halal products are clear and non-halal products are also clear,” said BPJPH Head Muhammad Aqil Irham in Jakarta, Monday (25/3/2024).

According to Aqil, halal certification obligations will be imposed by the government from 18 October 2024. BPJPH insists products derived from non-kosher or nonhalal ingredients are excluded from halal certification obligations. “Nonhalal products are excluded from halal certification obligations,” he said.

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For example, liquor, or pork-based foods, are unlikely to be registered with a halal certificate. That is, it is excluded from the obligation of halal certification.

Aqil also explained that the products are excluded from halal certification obligations so that they can still be traded even if the implementation of halal certification obligations has started in October 2024.

However, on condition, the product is given an explanation or description as clear as that the product is made of or contains non-halal elements. For example, products containing pork are labeled with an inscription or picture of a pig on the package.

This is in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 33 of 2014, Article 92, that business operators who produce products derived from prohibited ingredients, are obliged to list non-kosher information. Non-lawful information may be images, marks, and/or writing printed on the product packaging, certain parts of the product; and/or certain places on the product.

Furthermore, Article 93 states that products derived from prohibited materials are obliged to include non-lawful indications in the form of images, inscriptions and/or names of materials with different colors in the composition of the material, for example in red.

“Law No. 33 and Government Regulation No. 39 of 2021 also provide that the inclusion of non-lawful information referred to in Article 92 and article 93 must be easy to see and read and not easily removed, removed, and tampered with, in accordance with the provisions of the legislation,” Aqil said.

It also proved that halal certification is intended for consumer protection in consuming or using the product.

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