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Zakat Helps Ternate Government to Reduce the Number of Poor Citizens

Poverty management is not only the responsibility of the government, but of all parties.

Zakat illustration.
Foto: Republika/Prayogi
Zakat illustration.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TERNATE -- The distribution of zakat, infak, and alms (ZIS) precisely helps the City Government of Ternate, North Maluku Province in suppressing the number of poor people there.

“Proper distribution of ZIS will help the Ternate City Government significantly reduce the number of underprivileged citizens in Ternate City,” Ternate Regional Secretary Rizal Marsaol said at Ternate's Almunawar Grand Mosque on Tuesday (5/3/2024).

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He said it was related to the designation of the local area as “City of Zakat” initiated by the Amil Zakat Nasionial Agency (Baznas) of Ternate City and the Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the City of Ternate with the initials of the Mayor of Ternate M. Tauhid Soleman.

The designation of Ternate as a “City of Zakat” was marked by the handover of funds to zakat beneficiaries, imams and sara'a bodies of mosques and mushalas, as well as poor families in the area. The Government of Ternate supports various activities to improve the welfare of the people.

He explained that addressing the problem of poverty is not only the responsibility of the government, but also requires the involvement of all parties. The Government appreciates Baznas of the City of Ternate for carrying out programs that support the local government program in the health of citizens.

Rizal said that the government not only builds infrastructure but also constantly cares about the well-being of the townspeople. Therefore, the entire community of Ternate City should support the Ternate 'City of Zakat' program.

The head of the Ternate Municipal Government Office Salmin Abdul Kadir said that the implementation of ZIS builds togetherness and solidarity between people and fellow citizens. The designation of Ternate “Kota Zakat”, one of the forms of implementation of Baznas tasks, in which the utilization of the huge potential of ZIS should be encouraged and supported by all regional components, so that more and more citizens can be helped in their lives.

He hopes that this announcement will make Baznas and the Ternate Government more free in helping citizens, not only Muslim communities but also citizens of other faiths.

Chairman of Baznas City of Ternate Adam Ma'rus said last year the local Baznas managed to collect community funds reaching Rp 4.9 billion or up compared to the previous year which was Rp 4.6 billion. He hopes for a significant increase in the collection of ZIS this year and the one that will come with the Ternate program city of Zakat.


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