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Pertamina Papua-Maluku Asks People of Tobelo to Care for the Environment

Campaign to care more about the environment by not dumping waste.

HPSN 2024 commemorative event accompanied by Bakti Environmental Cleaning and Mangrove Planting, (illustration)
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HPSN 2024 commemorative event accompanied by Bakti Environmental Cleaning and Mangrove Planting, (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TERNATE -- Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Papua Maluku through Fuel Terminal (FT) Tobelo together with the Department of Environment (DLH) North Halmahera, North Maluku (Malut) followed by 14 other agencies commemorating National Waste Care Day (HPSN) 2024 and 2024 Encourage people to care about the environment.

FT Tobelo's Pjs Fuel Terminal Manager, Teguh Budi Prakoso in Ternate on Tuesday (5/3/2024), said the activity is part of the company's environmental concern as well as one of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental Social Responsibility (TJSL) programs run by FT Tobelo.

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“Thank you for the appreciation from the government to us, and this is indeed the responsibility of the company in exerting a positive influence on society and the environment, of course this program will be sustainable and will require synergies with government agencies, surrounding communities, as well as companies in Tobelo,” he said.

He said that the HPSN 2024 commemorative event was accompanied by the activities of the Ministry of Environmental Cleaning and Mangrove Planting in the ring 1 area of Tobelo Fuel Terminal. In the activities held, Tobelo Fuel Terminal received an appreciation in the form of an award charter from the North Halmahera Environmental Department for the dedication of FT Tobelo to the ring 1 community for CSR's assistance in providing 2 units of garbage containers to the people of Kupa-Kupa Village.

The activity also became a campaign to care more about the environment by not throwing garbage carelessly. “The way we are responsible with the environment is minimal by not throwing waste carelessly,” he said.

In addition to carrying out the Environmental Cleaning Service, Tobelo Fuel Terminal along with other parties also carried out the activities of planting 200 mangrove seedlings in Kupa-Kupa Beach, Tobelo. “We also planted 200 mangrove seedlings together on Kupa-Kupa Beach as a form of preserving and preserving the environment in coastal areas," he said.

Teguh hopes that the activities that have been implemented can increase the community's sense of concern in maintaining and preserving the surrounding environment. “The active role of the public to care about the environment, especially the waste generated, must be increased again. The old paradigm of waste management by collecting waste transport only moved the problem. The public should remember that we all have to be responsible for the waste that each one produces,” he said.

As for the parties involved in the activity, namely Tobelo Fuel Terminal workers, Commander Kodim 1508, Commander Brimob Tobelo, Danramil 1508-1 Tobelo, Camat Tobelo Selatan, Chief Constable Tobelo Selatan, Head of Kupa-Kupa Health Centre, Head of Kupa-Kupa Village, Head of Kupa-Kupa Village, Head of Kupa-Kupa South Village, Chairman of BPD Kupa-Kupa, Chairman of BPD Kupa-Kupa Selatan Pa, Director of PT Natural Indococonut Organik, Director of PT Top-Bello, Director of PT Intim Karya Tama and Bread Manager Jordan Tobelo.

Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Papua Maluku always strives to be balanced in running the company's business. In order to maintain the sustainability of the company's business, Pertamina Patra Niaga Regional Papua Maluku also strives to develop CSR & TJSL programs especially around the company's operational areas.

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