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24th Anniversary, Salimah Gives Donor Partner Award

Salimah appreciates the support of donor partners.

Salimah awards donor partners
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Salimah awards donor partners

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- At the age of 24, the Muslimah Brotherhood (Salimah) gives an award to donor partners. The award was given to PT Pegadaian Syariah, PT. Paragon, HNI, Yakesma, MUC, and individual donors. The award ceremony was held during the 24th anniversary of Salimah and Tarhib Ramadan on Saturday (2/2) at Oakwood hotel, Jakarta.

The Chairman of Salimah, Etty Praktiknyowati, expressed his high appreciation to all those who have supported Salimah's struggle. The contributions of various parties made Salimah today expand and exist in 36 provinces, 399 districts/cities, 2,151 sub-districts, 1,126 villages/villages and 1 overseas representative.

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“From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank the Salimah Consideration Board, the previous and current chairmen and directors, as well as all partners and donors who have provided support in the form of thoughts, time, opportunities, and funds to Salimah, so that Salimah grows and extends its benefits to the community,” he said.

The organization with the vision of “Becoming a Pioneer Women's Ormas in Improving the Quality of Life of Indonesian Women, Children and Families” places the focus of the program on three areas, namely preaching, diklat, and economics.

In the field of prayer, Salimah has had 1,381 Taklim assemblies with 865 Mubalighahs and 1,169 Baitul Quran Salimah (BWS) with 20,375 Santri who learned to read and memorize the Quran.

In the field of education, Salimah carries out a Seniors School (Salsa) attended by 7,500 students. There is also a program to prevent stunting of children and adolescents through extension to 5,000 elementary, middle and high school students, stunting countermeasures to 100 adolescents, and providing 2,000 nutrition packages for children and toddlers.

In the field of economy, Salimah has 119 cooperatives spread across districts throughout Indonesia. In addition, there are also more than 600 Salimah outlets involving 2,698 female MSMEs.

“Salimah also has a business entity to help people get halal processed food products, namely Salimah Food,” Etty said.

She added that this female Ormas has LP3H, which is Halal Center Salimah (HCS) which helps to accompany business operators to obtain halal certificates.

Salimah has also been registered as a Waqf Management Institution (Nadzir) at BWI since 2019.

“One of the Waqf Salimah programs is the Waqf Movement of two thousand every Friday throughout Indonesia. The accumulated Waqf potential is used to strengthen PT SPC's corporate capital and realize Salimah Center throughout Indonesia as Salimah Center of Excellence (CoE) in the field of preaching, teaching and economics,” he added.

He hopes that cooperation and support to Salimah in various areas will continue. Each side is expected to strengthen each other and provide benefits for the good of Indonesian society.

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