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Indonesia Marine Foils Pirate Action in Malacca Strait

A counterattack on MV African Halcyon was successfully thwarted by TNI AL.

Rep: Antara/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
First Fleet Quick Response Team Lanal Dumai guarded the Bahamas-flagged vessel MV African Halcyon on Thursday (29/2/2024).
Foto: Dispenal
First Fleet Quick Response Team Lanal Dumai guarded the Bahamas-flagged vessel MV African Halcyon on Thursday (29/2/2024).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Personnel from the AL (Lanal) Dumai TNI Base, Riau Province, successfully thwarted the actions of several pirates who allegedly wanted to steal aboard the Bahamas-flagged merchant vessel MV African Halcyon on Thursday (29/2/2024). It happened as the lego ship anchors in the waters of Dumai, Strait of Malacca.

In a press release received in Jakarta, Saturday (3/3), TNI Illumination Service (Dispenal) explained that the First Fleet Quick Response Team Lanal Dumai deployed the Sea Rider 85 speedboat to the location of the foreign-flagged vessel shortly after hearing the alarm sounded by MV African Halcyon.

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The alarm was sounded by the MV African Halcyon shortly after several of the ship's men (ABK) spotted four pirates climbing over the hull to head for the deck. The four pirates threw themselves into the sea.

They then fled as AL army troops from Lanal Dumai arrived at the scene. The perpetrators who failed to carry out the act ran off using speedboats.

Dispenal said the investigation into the incident was still ongoing. A number of possibilities were explored, including the possibility of insider involvement. Several soldiers of the AL Army are currently on standby around the MV African Halcyon lego anchor area.

Ships moored in the middle of the ocean, such as the MV African Halcyon, are often subjected to pumping action. That's given their vulnerable situation and lax oversight.

In the Strait of Malacca, especially in the waters that enter Indonesian territory, TNI AL has several times thwarted smuggling operations. Ranging from lobster seeds to trafficking people under the guise of migrant workers to neighboring countries.

Responding to the incident, Chief of Naval Staff (KSAL) Admiral Muhammad Ali reiterated that all soldiers of the AL Army must be present to protect the archipelago's sea waters from all threats. Ali advised soldiers to constantly increase preparedness in order to prevent and repel incoming threats.

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