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PDIP Politician Arteria Dahlan Will Be Member of Parliament?

Arteria only ranks third among PDIP candidates in her constituency.

Rep: Febryan A/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Member of DPR RI from PDIP faction, Arteria Dahlan.
Foto: Republika/Febryan A
Member of DPR RI from PDIP faction, Arteria Dahlan.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Politikus of the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), Arteria Dahlan is likely to lose in the legislative election (election) of DPR RI 2024. Because, Arteria's provisional vote in the East Java VI Electoral District was not enough to return him to become a member of Parliament.

Based on the counting of ballots or real counts conducted by the Commission on 85.64 percent of polling stations in East Java VI electoral district as of Tuesday (27/2/2024), Arteria won 46,352 votes. The active DPR member was the third highest vote-getter among the PDIP candidates in the constituency.

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The PDIP candidate who won the most votes was Pulung Agustanto with 135,485 votes. The PDIP candidate who won the second most votes was Sri Rahayu who managed to get 83,649 votes.

The PDIP in those constituencies is likely to gain two House seats. Thus, the two seats would become the right of Pulung and Sri Rahayu. Arteria certainly did not share the seat, so he was forced to be 'thrown' out of the Parliament Complex, where he is now based.

The PDIP seats won were calculated using the Sainte Lague method, the official method used to convert party votes into seats won since the 2019 general election. Seat apportionment refers to party votes won in constituencies.

Based on provisional real count, PDIP won 424,268 votes in East Java Constituency VI. The second most vote-getter was the CLA which got 311,877 votes. Then, the Golkar Party notched 299,586 votes.

Then Gerindra Party 252,861 votes, Nasdem Party 142,053 votes, and PAN 134,970 votes. Next there were PSI, Democratic Party, PPP, PKS and other parties who won votes below 100,000.

In the East Java VI electoral district there were nine seats of the House of Representatives contested. Using the Sainte Lague method, means PDIP gets two seats, PKB two seats, Golkar two seats, Gerindra one seat, Nasdem one seat, and PAN one seat.

With such a division of seats, then the candidates who are likely to win the seats of DPR members in East Java Constituency VI are Pulung and Sri Rahayu from PDIP, Anggia Erma Rini and An'im Falachuddin from PKB, as well as M Sarmuji and Her Tjahjono from Golkar. Then Endro Hermono (Gerindra), Nurhadi (Nasdem), and Ahmad Rizki Sadig (PAN). Variety of Dahlan Arteria Controversy - (The Republican/various sources)

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