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Palembang City Government Sells 5 Kg Rice Package and 1 Liter Cooking Oil IDR 67 Thousand

Cheap market held in 13 districts in Palembang.

Foto: Republika/Tahta Aidilla

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PALEMBANG -- The City Government of Palembang, South Sumatra, provides cheap food packages containing 5 kilograms (Kg) of rice and 1 liter of oil for Rp 67 thousand sold in cheap markets in 13 districts.

“These cheap grocery packages are available in cheap markets that we hold in 13 districts of Palembang City and are a simultaneous program of South Sumatra Province,” said Acting Mayor of Palembang Ratu Dewa in Palembang on Friday (23/2/2024).

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He mentioned the cheap market for inflation control and also preparations ahead of the holy month of Ramadan. The cheap market was held in 13 districts and was held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the schedule in Palembang City.

“Residents can get a package of 5 kilograms of rice plus 1 liter of cooking oil for only Rp 67 thousand,” he said.

Then, onion Rp 28 thousand/kg, garlic Rp 32 thousand/kg, chili pepper Rp 75 thousand, wheat 10 thousand/kg, granulated sugar IDR 16 thousand/kg, and cooking oil 1 liter 16 thousand.

“This movement was implemented in cooperation with Bulog Sumsel and also the movement initiated by the Governor of Sumsel, in the hope that people do not have to panic because everything can be reached,” he said.

He added that through this effort, the assurance of basic necessities is expected to be guaranteed and controlled ahead of Ramadan.

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