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BriMo Becomes Top Most Downloaded Mobile Banking App

Active users of BriMo app around 2.49 million.

Rep: Fauziah Mursid/ Red: Ahmad Fikri Noor
View of BriMo app.
Foto: dok BRI
View of BriMo app.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- BRI's BriMo application becomes the top mobile banking application that is the choice of Indonesians. According to a report accessed on Friday (2/2/2024), BriMo ranks as the third most downloaded financial technology (fintech) application category in Indonesia during 2023, after Easy Cash and DANA.

However, for the mobile banking category, this SOE bank's app ranked at the top of the most downloaded. Meanwhile, the active users of the BriMo app are around 2.49 million.

Baca Juga

BriMo innovations that continue to bring various features make it easier for customers to conduct financial transactions safely and conveniently. This made the BriMo performance score reach 95 out of 100 points.

Among the various advantages of BriMo as a mobile banking application is BriMo provides ease for BRI customers and non-customers to be able to transact with the latest User Interface and User Experience and other interesting features with the choice of source of funds each transaction can use checking or savings accounts.

The latest version of BriMo has several advantages among them:

1. BriMo UI/UX redesign. This design change aims to provide a refreshed look and experience by promoting the ease and convenience of transacting.

2. The completion of BriMo features with feature enhancements from all channels in ATM, iBanking Web, SMS Banking and iBanking Mobile and will expand cooperation with biller-biller aggregators to address customers' needs in transacting on BRI.

3. Open an Account (Digital Saving). Currently, potential BRI customers can open an account through the BriMo application by uploading their personal data and sending videos as a form of Know Your Customer (KYC) in account formation. By opening an account through BriMo, customers will also be registered with financial facilities.

4. Internet Banking registration is enough to be done through the BriMo application without having to go to the BRI work unit.

5. Personal Financial Management (PFM). The PFM feature can be used to assist customers in informing the amount of income and expenses made during transactions using the BRI channel.

6. Presents features that contain everyday features commonly used by Bank BRI customers.

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