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Pesantren Nurul Jadid Focus on Economic Empowerment

Nurul Jadid Pesantren alumni should preach wisedom in the community.

Nurul Jadid Pesantren alumni meeting
Foto: Pesantren Nurul Jadid
Nurul Jadid Pesantren alumni meeting

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Pondok Pesantren Nurul Jadid Paiton, Probolinggo held an alumni halaqah with the theme “Strengthening the Role of Pesantren in Empowering Educational Society, Social Religious and Economic Development”. Saturday (10/02/24) at the money auditorium I Pesantren Nurul Jadid. This halaqah activity is a series of 75th pre haul and harlah activities.

Chairman of the Education Committee Agung P Wicaksono said that there are three themes that will be discussed at this halaqah, namely; Economic development of the boarding school through Pesantren Owned Enterprises (BumPES), Laziskaf Empowerment and Education of duty teacher services. The emphasis of halaqah this time focused on economic development and empowerment.

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“In the development of the pesantren economy Nurul Jadid has partnered and networked through BumPes and also collaborated on the results of pesantren products through networks in order to develop the pesantren economy better,” he said.

The Head of Pondok Pesantren Nurul Jadid KH presented a similar point. Abdul Hamid Wahid said that the function of the boarding school at the point of tafaqquh is education and training, but at the point of giving warning (inzar) it may also be possible to start in the process since in the boarding school is the dimension of community service and daqwah

Kiai Hamid said, “We are thinking about how the other two roles, community service and preaching, can be carried out systemically and systematically. We are sure that the character and character of Santri is basically like what the founder of Pondok Pesantren Nurul Jadid Paiton Probolinggo once complained: “If nuruljadid citizens do not fight in society, then they have done their best”

Further, he added, not least in accordance with his condrat as a human being, that in the ultimate goal of doing something, performing a transformative role in society, then when he only acts for himself, he has violated his fundamental nature, therefore he has done good.

In keeping with that, Pesantren Pondok Nanny Nurul Jadid KH. Moh. Zuhri Zaini said that santri should carry out the vision and mission of the boarding school by preaching that is to invite to good and then provide service to the community.

“Preaching should be with an approach to the community. The earlier muballigs spread Islam by trading. Because by trading it is more effective to greet people,” he stressed.

But Kiai Zuhri stressed that there needs to be a distinction between social work and business work.

“Business work has to be calculated while social work even if there is no calculation it is not a problem,” he added.

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