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Ministry: Campaigning Hijab is Permissible

ICMI proposes a national hijab day.

Rep: Muhyiddin/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
ICMI proposes a national hijab day. Photo: Hijab. Illustration
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ICMI proposes a national hijab day. Photo: Hijab. Illustration

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Director of Islamic Religious College, Prof. Ahmad Zainul Hamdi or as he is known as Prof. Inung responds to the announcement of National Hijab Day proposed by the Central Leadership Council (DPP) Women of the Muslim Scholars Association (ICMI) to commemorate every March 8. According to him, it is permissible to propose a National Hijab Day to wear the hijab.

“No problem. Yes, people want to talk about the issue of the hijab, yes, it is okay. Talking about makeup is okay. If there are no problems, just fine-fine,” Prof. Inung told Republika in Jakarta, Monday (29/1/2024).

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Precisely, according to him, what is really to be feared is the emergence of cases that have occurred in schools. For example, the case of a school that forced its students to wear a hijab. In fact, according to her, wearing the hijab is actually voluntary.

“People who wear the hijab or don't wear the hijab are actually voluntary, voluntary in nature,” said Prof. Inung.

Or, he continued, there are also state schools that then make certain rules so that those who do not wear a hijab feel discriminated against and do not get equal service with other students. According to Prof. Inung, it is precisely such cases that are worth worrying about.

“But if there is a hijab movement and so on yes please, no problem,” Prof Inung said.

Earlier, the General Chairman of the Central Leadership Council (DPP) of ICMI Women, Welya Safitri, affirmed that Indonesia as a Muslim-majority country should fight for National Hijab Day to be officially declared by the Indonesian government as a form of state concern and respect for the implementation of sharia closing the aura for Muslims.

“We will fight for every March 8 to be National Hijab Day as a state tribute to Muslims who consistently carry out religious orders when it comes to wearing hijab. Therefore, we will try hard so that President Joko Widodo can promote these noble ideals,” Welya said in a press release received by on Monday (29/1/2024).

Welya, a female figure who also successfully infiltrated the Polwan Berjilbab movement, is very hopeful that towards the end of her term as President of the Republic of Indonesia she can leave a sweet gift for Muslims in Indonesia with the National Hijab Day Keppres later.

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