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Baznas Held Teacher Training of Quran Teachers in Yogyakarta

The ability of people with disabilities to read the Quran is still low.

Rep: Mabruroh/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
BAZNAS RI Kick Off Program ToT Teaching Quran.
Foto: Dok Baznas RI
BAZNAS RI Kick Off Program ToT Teaching Quran.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- National Zakat Board (Baznas) RI kicks off off the Traning of Trainer (ToT) program Teaching Quran cues for people with speech-hearing sensory disabilities. ToT program is implemented in 34 provinces across Indonesia with a total of 1,020 trainers.

Kick off Training of Teachers and Educators for People with Sensory Disabilities with Speech Impaired was held in Yogyakarta, Wednesday (24/1/2023).

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“This is a form of support for Baznas RI to people with sensory disabilities, and ensures that they have the same opportunity to understand their religion by providing a sign Quran teacher,” said BAZNAS RI Chairman Prof. Noor Achmad in a press release received by Republika on Wednesday (24/1/2024).

According to Kiai Noor, the ability of people with disabilities to read the Quran is still low. For this reason, Baznas wants to prepare competent teachers so that even people with sensory disabilities gain access to Quranic education.

“It should also be noted that Indonesia is the only country that has compiled a complete Quran guide with its teachings,” Kiai Noor said.

Kiai Noor said that the program will run during 2024, with a target of producing 1,020 teachers in Indonesia each year and will continue.

“This program can be followed by institutions/foundations/communities focused in the field of Islamic religious education, and there are also from Alfamart's Consumer Alms partner,” he added.

The training at the Provincial level of DIY was attended by 30 people who came from inclusion madrasah teachers, teachers of Islamic Religious Studies (PAI) Outstanding Schools (SLB), the disabled community at the university and the Indonesian Movement for the Welfare of the Deaf (Gerkatin).

Kiai Noor explained that this program is a testament to Baznas's dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of all Indonesians, ensuring religious education is accessible to everyone, regardless of physical ability.

“On this program, Baznas will also equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to teach Quran cues,” he added.

Kiai Noor hopes that the program can score more teachers who can teach the Quran in gestures, and have a strong understanding of how to teach effectively to people with sensory disabilities.

Branch Corporate Communication Specialist Alfamart Eko Mujianto, expressed appreciation to Baznas who has started a ToT program teaching Quran gestures throughout Indonesia.

“This is a glorious program, how Baznas strives to give equal rights to people with speech-hearing sensory disabilities to be able to read the Quran on cue. We are also proud that Alfamart's Consumer Alms partners can be part of this mission of kindness,” Eko said.

Also present were Baznas Chairman Prof. KH Noor Achmad, Deputy Distribution and Management of BAZNAS Imdadun Rahmat, Chairman of Baznas DIY Puji Astuti, and Branch Corporate Communication Specialist Alfamart Eko Mujianto.

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