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ID Food Prepares to Import Beef Before Eid

Assignments related to food stabilization are issued in the third week of January 2024.

President Director of ID FOOD, Frans Marganda Tambunan.
Foto: Dok. Humas ID Food
President Director of ID FOOD, Frans Marganda Tambunan.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero) or ID FOOD, is waiting for the assignment of beef imports to maintain supplies during Ramadan and Eid 1445 H. ID FOOD President Director Frans Marganda Tambunan said that the assignment related to food stabilization will be issued in the third week of January 2024.

“In the middle of January or the third week, there are already tasks, especially if we want to secure the beef imports before fasting (Ramadan period),” Frans said during a conversation at ID FOOD Jakarta office on Monday (8/1/2024).

Baca Juga

Frans said that 20,000 tons of meat imports for this year came from Brazil. The state-owned Food Authority also plans to import Australian beef through business to business (B to B) or intercompany schemes.

Frans added that it was also awaiting assignment for sugar imports. It is hoped that the letter can be published soon so that there is no lack of stock.

“We expect soon. Because this is crucial, before the milling season,” Frans said.

Nevertheless, Frans has not been able to ascertain the amount of sugar import assignment for FOOD ID. According to Frans, the assignment will also be given to other state-owned enterprises. These assignments will be discussed in technical coordination meetings (rakornis) to limited coordination meetings (rakortas), which are expected to be published in mid-January.

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