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Arya Wedakarna's Controversial Statement on Hijab Considered to Disturb Condusivity

Arya Wedakarna made controversial statement regarding hijab.

Rep: Rahmat Fajar/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Arya Wedakarna
Foto: Republika/Mutia Ramadhani
Arya Wedakarna

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Jakarta--Bali Provincial Governor of Nahdlatul Ulama (PWNU), Abdul Aziz said the controversial video of Balinese Regional Representative Council (DPD) member, Arya Wedakarna, about the hijab slightly interferes with conductivities ahead of the 2024 general election. The atmosphere in Bali should remain conducive in a political year.

“I hope that the riots do not recur so that the goals of the elections can be well achieved,” Aziz said on Monday (8/1/2024).

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Aziz invites all parties in Bali not to be provoked by Arya Wedakrna remarks that may disturb Bali's security conditions before the presidential election. All elements must create a peaceful and serene atmosphere so as to enjoy the election with a clear heart.

Previously, the video of Arya Wedakarna who did not want any woman wearing a hijab on the frontline section of Bali's I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport went viral and gained the spotlight. He wants frontline officers to portray typical Balinese women who don't wear headscarves like Balinese Hindu women. He said Bali was not the Middle East.

A number of parties reported Wedakarna to the police. PWNU Bali, Aziz said, would not be involved in reporting Wedakarna. He considered that the reports that other groups had already done were considered to be sufficiently representative. He hopes the police will be able to process it professionally.

Maintaining conductivities and security at a political moment such as the present should be a concern for all parties. Ormas, a religious figure, public figure and ordinary public figure, said Aziz should take on the role. Therefore, he deplores Wedakarna's statement.

It was not this time alone that Wedakarna presented controversy in the public sphere. Prior to this latest case, Wedakarna was suspected of being the provocateur of Ustaz Abdul Somad's rejection in 2017. In addition, Wedakarna has also denied the presence of sharia banks in Bali.

Aziz asked DPD RI to reprimand its members not to always make a fuss. Because Wedakarna often used his position as a member of the DPD as the basis for making controversial and racist statements.

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