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JSI South Sumatra Holds Joint Prayer of Gratitude and Dhikir

Prayer of Gratitude and Djikir will be held at the close of 2023.

JSI Sumsel Holds Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dzikir Together
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JSI Sumsel Holds Prayer of Thanksgiving and Dzikir Together

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, PALEMBANG -- The Indonesian Santri Network (JSI) of South Sumatra Province (Sumsel) closes the end of 2023 by holding Do'a and Dzikir with the clergy and the community.

The event, titled “Gratitude for the Blessings and Prayers for a Better Future of the Nation,” was attended by thousands of worshippers. The event was held at Pondok Pesantren Modern IGM Al-Ihsaniyah, Saturday (30/12/2023).

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Chairman of the Advisory Board of DPP Santri Indonesia Network (JSI) Marzuki Alie represented the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of JSI Prabowo Subianto, who did not have time to attend to convey some messages to the community.

First, Marzuki said that towards the end of 2023 and the presidential election period on February 14, 2024, he hopes to proceed smoothly and peacefully and elect the best leader for the Indonesian Nation.

“First of all, I express my greetings from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Santri Indonesia Network, Prabowo first apologizes for not being able to attend, I represent on behalf of the chairman of the board of trustees to convey some first messages asking for prayers, prayers that the upcoming 2024 elections on February 14 will be facilitated by God to become a national leader, to become the president of the Republic of Indonesia,” Marzuki said, in his speech.

Secondly, Marzuki conveys in the contestants there is often a difference of choice, but with that difference the public is asked not to slander, vilify and antagonize each other.

“It means that what is called a political competition contestant must have a difference of choice, he advised to keep that harmony first, let anyone who wants to slander, bully the ugly let it go,” he said.

“People who want to slander and invite hostility just let it go, we don't have to serve that's the second message from Prabowo,” he added.

Marzuki explained Prabowo despite being frequently vilified, vilified, even betrayed never retaliated against.

According to Marzuki, Prabowo would rather build brotherhood, unity than have to be hostile.

“What it means in this contest is friendship, brotherhood, harmony, please choose which one, we choose the candidate that we think is the best candidate who will take Indonesia forward in the future,” he said.

Third, Marzuki said, Prabowo invites people to continue to be grateful for all the favors and gifts that Allah S.W.T has given to the people and people of Indonesia.

“We must be grateful no matter what happens we must be grateful that God will add favor, be grateful for the favor that God has given, the favor of health, we can be present in this place, we can associate with him it is a favor,” he added.

Prabowo therefore initiated the formation of the JSI as a medium not only for preaching but also as a means of remembering the people so that they are always grateful and grateful.

“He initiated the prayer and religious services at the end of this year and he initiated it was not us, as chairman of the board of trustees (Prabowo) he initiated for JSI to carry out the prayer of thanksgiving at the end of that year requested by him, the third message that we are always grateful for all the favors of God so that this nation will always be bestowed its favor by God,” he explained.

“To keep this nation moving forward toward a prosperous, just and prosperous society equally,” he continued.

And the fourth message from Prabowo, Marzuki said that people should not denounce their leaders, because Indonesian leaders are already trying to give the best for the nation and the country.

Therefore, according to the former chairman of House of Representative, the development by previous presidents should be appreciated and continued.

“The builder is obliged to continue who will continue it? that will continue the real Prabowo who mentioned that promises to continue what Mr. Joko Widodo has done,” Marzuki stressed.

Meanwhile, DPP General Chairman JSI Shofwatillah Mohzaib said that this activity was deliberately held as a form of gratitude and godliness as a reflection to prepare the next year by becoming better.

“To begin with the worship is an expression of our gratitude to God, because God has blessed us with physical and spiritual health so that we gather in this place, thank God,” he said.

Shofwatillah explained that this activity is the sixth after having previously been carried out in five other provinces.

“This end-of-year prayer ceremony with Santri Indonesia Network is the 6th after we held this event in several provinces in Indonesia, the first held in Serang City, Banten Province the second in Brebes, Central Java and then later in Bangka Belitung,” he said.

“Then in Bengkulu and finally in Jambi just today in South Sumatra thank God from the many places in South Sumatra broke the record until 10,000 more attended today's Masya Allah tabarakallah,” he added.

Shofwatillah said that in the future JSI activities are not limited to 6 regions but expand to other regions throughout Indonesia.

“Insyaallah will be spread again to all parts of the city district in order to benefit the people JSI is the Indonesian Santri Network, which is engaged in the field of preaching, which is engaged in the field of divination and prayer and also Islamic and other religious education,” he said.

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