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Aisyiyah Organization Held International Seminar on Muslim Women's Movement 5.0

Women who are lagging behind the times will be easily influenced by the change of times.

Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Riau (Umri) Saidul Amin attended the International Conference on the Role of Muslim Women's Movement.
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Rector of the University of Muhammadiyah Riau (Umri) Saidul Amin attended the International Conference on the Role of Muslim Women's Movement.

REPUBLICA.CO.ID, PEKANBARU -- Rector of Muhammadiyah University of Riau (Umri) Saidul Amin attended the International Conference on the Role of Muslim Women's Movement Facing the Muslim Women's Movement era society 5.0 supported by the Regional Leader Aisyiyah Riau at Umri Campus Hall on Jalan Tuanku Tambusai, Friday (8/12/2023).

The event entitled The International Confrence on The Role Of Moslem Women Movement to Face The Era of Society 5.0, Aisyiyah Riau featured two speakers, namely Datuk Hajjah Zuraidah binti Kamaruddin and Dr. Sofwan Badri. In addition, Riau Women's Organization Advisor Suti Mulyati, elements of PW Muhammadiyah Riau, Islamic Women's Organization of Riau Province, Aisyiyah Se-Riau and students were also present.

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In front of hundreds of participants of the International Confrence, Rector of Umri Dr Saidul Amin MA, in his speech said that Umri will continue to develop if international activities and cooperation as at present continue. “Umri is only 15 years old and we have 8 Faculties and 26 Programs which will continue to grow and God willing with the presence of two outstanding speakers this morning there will be more international cooperation,” he said.

Furthermore, according to him, the future of women today will continue to advance, but if women are left behind by the development of the times, then women will be trampled by the change of times.

“The condition of women today is divided into two perspectives, the first as if women were seated as men and the second simply assumed the kitchen, the mattress, and the well. So today there are two women's seminars in Islamic perspective on how the future of Muslim women's organizations will be discussed by our sources,” Saidul Amin explained.

He also hopes that with this cooperation Aisyiyah will be better in the future. “It would be better for us to collaborate like this because we can't be alone,” he concluded.

In addition, Aisyiyah Regional Leadership Chairman Dr. Hj Hikmani MpD, said that Aisyiyah is currently committed to science mastery, community empowerment, and economic independence. “Aisyiyah's existence today is felt not only by the rest of the country but also abroad, one of them in Asia is Malaysia. For under your feet lies heaven in your hands is the fate of the nation,” he said in his speech.

In addition, he also said that Aisyiyah also synergizes with the government so that Aisyiyah programs can be implemented. “In Riau Province, Aisyiyah currently has 1 college, namely STKIP Asyiyah, which God willing will soon change its name to Aisyiyah Riau Institute of Technology,” he said.

In the remarks of the Leaders of the Muhammadiyah Region (PWM) delivered by the Vice Chairman of PWM Riau Dr. Sutarmo, MA., appreciated the activities held by PW Aisyiyah Riau, because according to him Aisyiyah is the main pillar of the Muhammadiyah movement. “Although women, the dynamics are also amazing, we also hope that Aisyiyah will have a University like Aisyiyah in other areas and hopefully we in Riau will be like that too,” she said.

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