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HMI Book For Indonesia Intellectual and Idea Foresight

HMI ideas go hand in hand with Indonesia vision in the future.

Bagas Kurniawan, author of HMI For Indonesia.
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Bagas Kurniawan, author of HMI For Indonesia.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Activists of the Islamic Student Association (HMI), on Monday (27/11/2023), launched a book titled HMI For Indonesia at Teras Putih Coffee Shop, Pontianak, Monday (27/11/2023). This book conveys Bagas' positive ideas as an HMI activist for national and national life.

“HMI is an organization of Muslim intellectual fighters. So in the future, how can the ideas presented go hand in hand with Indonesia's direction,” Bagas said.

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The launch of this book was also the moment Bagas Kurniawan made sure that he was ready to lead the Head of Management of HMI for the period 2023-2025. Bagas brings HMI's vision for Indonesia, which means that HMI contributes to a better development of Indonesia.

Bagas stated that when he was given the confidence to lead HMI for the next two years, he wanted HMI cadres to contribute more to Indonesia.

“The contribution that HMI can make is to convey positive ideas for national and national life,” he said.

Bagas said, going forward the caderisation process should be more modern and internally HMI should be stronger.

“The current caderisation process should be in accordance with the needs of the times and according to the needs of students,” he said.

Not only that, Bagas continued, intellectual studies need to be revived to spark the spirit of the HMI cadre in order to color the national narrative.

Meanwhile, Academician of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Indonesia, Berly Martawardaya said, he has known Bagas Kurniawan for about 12 years. Berly stated that Bagas Kurniawan was the right figure to lead HMI to the fore. This can be seen from the condition of HMI at the University of Indonesia when Bagas became the General Chairman of HMI FEB UI.

“The HMI in the UI is much more solid and powerful. Various activities can be implemented even in the mass of the pandemic,” Berly said.

Berly said that when Bagas Kurniawan was elected, there should be activities or programs carried out to support regional and national leadership.

Bagas is an alumnus of the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Indonesia (FEB UI) and is currently pursuing doctoral studies at the Bogor Agricultural Institute Business School (SB IPB).

In addition to his long academic track record, Bagas also has a long track record of contributions in HMI.

It is noted that Bagas was the General Secretary and General Chairman of HMI Commissariat FEB UI as well as the General Chairman of HMI Depok Branch. Currently, Bagas holds a mandate as Deputy Secretary General for Creative Economy, Entrepreneurship, and MSME PB HMI during this period.

In the process of his candidacy, Bagas raised the concept of HMI For Indonesia as a breath of vision, mission, and values brought by him. Bagas brings the vision of Building Advanced Organizations with Modern Caderization and Contributing to Indonesia.

The vision is implemented in several missions including: (1) Developing Quality Employees; (2). Social Justice Advocacy; (3). Human Resource Empowerment HMI; (4). Improvement of Organizational Quality; and (5). Multisector Collaboration.

The Vision and Mission raised by Bagas depart from some of the values that were the foundation of Bagas to move in running the organization.

First, proximity is the belief that the success of an organization lies in its proximity to its members and society.

Second, work is about committing to making a real impact through every initiative and program undertaken.

Third, inclusiveness means the Creation of an environment that allows everyone, regardless of background, to participate, contribute and feel the benefits of the existence of HMI.

The three values brought illustrate Bagas's inclusive and scholarly figure by highlighting the impact and affordability of the activities carried out by HMI in the future.

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