Sabtu 25 Nov 2023 16:26 WIB

Thousands of Bandung City Residents Pray for Palestinians

Indonesians will continue to defend Palestinians.

Rep: Dea Alvi Soraya/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Solidarity for Palestine.
Solidarity for Palestine.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Bandung—Thousands of Bandung City residents held dzikr and prayer at Al Ukhuwah Mosque as a form of solidarity for Palestinians. This is the initiative of Bandung City Government.

Mayor of Bandung, Bambang Tirtoyuliono invited the entire community to continue praying for the Palestinian people in order to quickly gain independence, help, and protection. "The prayers will bridge Bandung residents' concern for the Palestinian people, Bambang said.

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“Let us continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine,” he said.

“Through the extended prayers for our brothers in Palestine, may we be a bridge of prayer to God to always provide protection for them,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Religious Ministry of Bandung official, Ucup Pathudin Al Maarif called joint prayer and solidarity actions as a form of support for the City of Bandung to avoid any more conflict and colonization in Palestine.

“This is a form of our responsibility and solidarity to the Palestinians. It is also as a form of our constitutional responsibility to abolish colonization,” he said.

The community also makes donations for Palestinians. The collected donations will later be channeled to Palestinians through National Zakat Board (Baznas).

Thousands of citizens marched in support of Palestinians and continued with interfaith prayers at Bandung City Hall Plaza. Similar activities were also carried out simultaneously in 30 districts in Bandung City.


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