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The Cost of Hajj 2024 Will Be Decided Next Week

The cost of Hajj per worshipper is Rp 93.4 million.

Rep: Fauzi Ridwan/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Reimbursement of Hajj Fees. (illustration)
Foto: Republika/Agung Supriyanto
Reimbursement of Hajj Fees. (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDUNG-- Commission VIII of the Parliament of Indonesia believes that the cost of Hajj in 2024 will decrease from the proposal proposed by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Rp 105 million to Rp 93.4 million. The organization of Hajj continues to be better encouraged.

Golkar politician Ace Hasan Syadzily believes that the cost of Hajj in 2024 could be lowered to Rp 93.4 million from the proposed IDR 105 million. He is committed to making the Hajj better and more convenient for the pilgrims.

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“We believe that there will be a decrease and adjustment of costs without having to lower the quality of service to worshippers,” he said during a meeting with hundreds of potential pilgrims of Hajj in Bandung Regency at Sunshine Hotel, Bandung Regency, Friday (24/11/2023) through an official statement received.

He said representatives are committed to making Hajj services better. Intensive discussions with the government still continue.

“After getting the inputs, we can push the cost up to Rp 93.4 million. But this is not final, later on Monday (27/11/2023) it will be decided,” he said.

This man from the constituencies of Bandung and West Bandung Regency said that from Rp 93.4 million it grew how much the fees worshippers had to pay.

“If the composition of the Bipih is 60 percent, then the pilgrims pays Rp 55 million. Its value is subsidized in quotation marks of Rp 38 million from the value of the Hajj fund benefits managed by the Hajj Financial Management Agency,” he said.

After it is decided next Monday, later worshippers can pay in installments. “Those who have IDR 10 million, pay first. Those who have IDR 5 million, can pay first. We also set the cost of the hajj this time in advance so that worshippers can prepare for repayment,” he said.

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