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Hajj Worshipers to Always Carry Passport

Passport must be held by each Hajj worshipper.

Officers give passports to prospective hajj worshippers (illustration).
Foto: Republika/Putra M. Akbar
Officers give passports to prospective hajj worshippers (illustration).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Indonesian pilgrims in Tanah Suci are advised to always carry and keep their passports in a sling bag provided by the Hajj Organizer (PPIH). The storage of the passport in a sling bag is expected to prevent the passport from being lost.

Airport Work Area chief Abdillah said worshippers' passports were handed out at embarkation, when worshippers were about to leave for the Holy Land. “Passports must be held individually so that no outgoing worshipers do not carry passports because they are held by children or husbands or wives,” Abdillah said in Medina on Tuesday (13/5/2024).

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Abdillah said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has facilitated worshippers' sling bags with special passport pockets. 'We've anticipated that with worshippers' sling bags. We appeal to worshippers to put the passport in a sling bag, in the place of that passport,” he said.

That way, Abdullah said, passports can be seen and make it easier for worshippers in times of need. Passports of worshippers will again be collected upon their arrival in Medina.

The passports will again be handed out at a time when worshippers will move from Medina towards Makkah. On the third day of arrival, Indonesian pilgrims of Hajj candidates gradually arrived at AMAA Medina Airport.

There are four doors or gates provided, namely fast track gate, international gate, Hajj gate, and gate zero. The purpose of the presence of four gates is to facilitate and speed up the process of pilgrims wishing to pray for Hajj at the airport. So that worshipers can rest immediately after traveling from the Motherland to the Holy Land.

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