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The Danger of Letting Neighbors Starve

Neighbors must be prayed to be good people.

Rep: Imas Damayanti/ Red: Erdy Nasrul
Neighborhood (illustration)
Foto: Antara/Rifqi Raihan Firdaus
Neighborhood (illustration)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Muslim preacher Ahmad Satori Ismail reminds Muslims to live a good social life. One of them is by caring for each other and getting along well with neighbors.

Neighbors are people who live close to us. They are the first people who can help us when we are in trouble.

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According to Islam, relation between neighbors are not merely a social and humanitarian issue. Moreover, it determines the worthiness or not of a Muslim bearing the predicate of faith.

“So all the teachings of Islam are how to be one grace for the whole of nature. So among the teachings of Islam is 'man kana yu'minu billahi wal yaumil akhir fayukrim jarahu'/whoever believes in Allah and the last day, then let him glorify his neighbor,” Satori told Republika.

So one of the perfections of faith is that a Muslim should glorify his neighbor. Even in other hadiths many allude to the suggestion of glorifying the neighbor. One of them reads, “One who does not care about his neighbor and at night he is in a state of satiety while his neighbor starves and the satiated one lets on the hungry, then that is considered unbeliever.”

“What he means is considered (a person who doesn't care about his neighbors) he is not a perfect believer,” he said.

Later also Kiai Satori explains that a Muslim when he hurts his neighbor, then he has hurt himself. Kiai Satori also emphasized that in the Islamic khazanah, there are still many hadiths of the Prophet commanding Muslims to glorify neighbors.

“This proves that the teachings of Islam place great emphasis on glorifying neighbors,” he said.

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