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Indonesian Antigraft Chief Officially a Suspect on Extortion Case

Some items of evidence seized, including money transaction documents totaling Rp 7 billion.

Rep: Bambang Noroyono/ Red: Fitriyan Zamzami
Metro Jaya Police finally announced KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri as a suspect in extortion case and gratuity.
Foto: Republika/Thoudy Badai
Metro Jaya Police finally announced KPK Chairman Firli Bahuri as a suspect in extortion case and gratuity.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Jakarta greater area police have finally identified the Head of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Firli Bahuri as a suspect. After almost two months of investigation, the team of investigators at the Metro Jaya Police identified Firli as a suspect related to corruption in the form of extortion in the corruption case perpetrated by the former minister of agriculture Syahrul Yasi Limpo (SYL).

Firli Bahuri was announced as a suspect on Wednesday (22/11/2023) the night before the turn of the day. Dirkrimsus of Metro Jaya Police, Commissioner Besar (Kombes) Ade Safri Simanjuntak, during a press conference explained, the determination of suspects against Firli Bahuri after the investigation team, on Wednesday (22/11/2023) evening conducted a series of briefings. The briefings was made after the investigation team of the Metro Jaya Police in the past month continuously examined 91 witnesses, and requested the testimony of four experts.

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Investigative team has also conducted a series of searches, and conducted searches and confiscations of a number of items of evidence. Several items of evidence were seized, including US dollar transaction documents, and Singapore dollars totaling Rp 7 billion. “From the results of the case briefing, sufficient evidence was found to establish FB's (Firli Bahuri), the head of KPK, as a suspect in the case of an alleged crime of corruption, in the form of extortion or receipt of gratuities, or acceptance of gifts or promises by state employees or state organizers related to his post,” Ade said in Mapolda Metro Jaya, Wednesday (22/11/2023) evening.

Ade explained that Firli Bahuri was caught under suspicion of Article 12 e, or Article 12B, or Article 11 of the Law (UU) 31/1999-20/2001 on the Criminal Offences of Corruption (Tipikor) juncti Article 65 of the Criminal Code. “As for the threat of punishment, from Article 12e, and Article 12B the criminal threat referred to in that article is punishable by imprisonment for life, or penal imprisonment of at least 4 years, and at most 20 years,” Ade added. “As for Article 11, the minimum prison sentence is 1 year, and the maximum is 5 years,” Ade said.

The case, which dragged Firli Bahuri as a suspect, has been under investigation since October 9, 2023. The case was self-reported by Yasin Limpo who at the time was still serving as agriculture minister. While Yasin Limpo himself some time after his report to the Metro Jaya Police, he was identified as a suspect by the KPK.

The Nasdem Party politician was identified as a suspect by the KPK of being linked to corruption in the receipt of levies totalling Rp 13.9 billion in promotion and promotion of office in the Kementan neighborhood during 2020-2023. Yasin Limpo, also since October 13, 2023, was sent to a detention cell.

Meanwhile, the legal fate of Firli Bahuri continues to be investigated. The three-star police veteran was checked twice by the Dirkrimsus Polda Metro team. The examination of Firli Bahuri was carried out at Bareskrim Polri. Metro Jaya Police investigators also conducted a series of searches at Firli Bahuri's private residence in Villa Galaxy, Bekasi, West Java (Jabar). And checked out a layover house at Kertangera 46 in South Jakarta that was allegedly occupied by Firli Bahuri but whose tenants allegedly used money belonging to businessman Alex Tirta. 

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