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Erick Thohir Ensures Indonesia's Commitment to Reduce Carbon Emissions

A number of steps have already been taken by Indonesia to switch to clean energy.

Rep: Intan Pratiwi/ Red: Fernan Rahadi
Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Ad-Interim Erick Thohir
Foto: Republika/Intan Pratiwi
Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Ad-Interim Erick Thohir

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Ad-Interim Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Erick Thohir confirmed Indonesia's commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Various steps have been taken by Indonesia in the transition to clean energy, hence real support from the global becomes a promise to keep.

Erick said that Indonesia has been striving to develop renewable energy to decarbonize electricity and industry. Indonesia has also built up the supply chain of renewable energy technology so that domestic industry can wake up strongly.

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"Secondly, Indonesia promotes green industrialization, among other things, by building an Industrial Area based on a green economy and supported by green energy sources, including optimizing the potential of critical minerals that we do have to carry out downstream together with friendly countries," said Erick, at the Ministry of Energy and Human Resources (ESDM) on Tuesday (21/11/2023).

He said that, especially in the transport side, Indonesia has put forward electric vehicles. This strategic move proved to significantly lower emissions.

"Of course, we hope that JETP can strengthen these measures from the implementation of priority project projects as already outlined in this CIPP document," said Erick.

Indonesia also already has the number three largest Cirata floating power plant in the world. Indonesia has also made IKN a city that is 100 percent supplied by clean energy.

Erick asked that an energy transition plan could be implemented soon. "We all need to move quickly because 2030 is less than seven years away, cooperation needs to be stepped up and accelerated to implement mutually agreed priority projects, including to be able to quickly realize the funding commitments already outlined in this document," Erick said.


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