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Suicide in Bekasi Add to the Worrying Trend

A teacher in Bekasi, SS commits suicide allegedly due to family problems.

Rep: Ali Yusuf/ Red: Fitriyan Zamzami
Suicide (illustration). A teacher in Bekasi, SS commits suicide allegedly because there are family problems that make him often moody.
Foto: factretriever
Suicide (illustration). A teacher in Bekasi, SS commits suicide allegedly because there are family problems that make him often moody.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BEKASI -- A man who worked as a teacher in Kampung Pasir Randu, Sukasari Village, Serang Baru District, Bekasi Regency, was found dead by hanging. The teacher with the initials SS (32) was found hanged inside the house precisely at the door of the room on Saturday (21/10/2023) in the morning.

When it was discovered, the SS was in a position hanging from a rope, using a bucket of wall paint as a footrest. SS was found lifeless by his mother around 06.00 WIB.

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“Based on the family's information, SS allegedly committed suicide because there was a family problem,” AKP Serang Baru police chief Josman Harianja told reporters yesterday.

According to the confession of the families of the suicide victims, from the very beginning of the move to the newly built house, the SS was often moody. Yet the family has yet to convey what made the SS moody.

“Since moving, the new house has been built. The man looks moody and so reserved, never tells anything,” he said.

Josman Harianja said that SS was found dead as a result of suicide inside his home. The alleged SS committed suicide this as no signs of violence were found on the SS body.

“We checked the crime scene and took the victim to CileHospital. Then the family directly brought SS to be buried,” he said.

The case Bekasi add another number of suicide in Indonesia lately. The statistic hasn't yet been anounced by the government, but anecdotycally, reports keeps coming. Several student from elementary school to university has taken their live this several months alone in various regions in Indonesia.

Several NGO's record the rising, especially amongst students, just after the pandemy. There hasn't been any conclusive analysis regarding the cause of the trend.

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