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Series God, I Want to Get Married Took From Real Story

Series 'God, I Want to Get Married' available streaming on Vidio.

Series 'God, I Want to Get Married' available streaming on Vidio.
Foto: Dok. Khazanah Al Wahdah Kreatif
Series 'God, I Want to Get Married' available streaming on Vidio.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The series titled “God, I Want to Get Married” tells the story of a 28-year-old woman, Kirana (Fanny), who is both beautiful and pious. The Instagram account of Khazanah Al-Wahdah Kreatif, @jofisah.id, was involved in the creation of this web series.

Taking a title that is relatable to the lives of many people, the story follows leading female character Kirana (Fanny) who has faced a tremendous amount of failures throughout her life, rendering her useless. Her carelessness poses a serious problem at work, which has made her a favourite victim of her boss’ wrath. 

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Her friends who are quick to question her actions often make her feel unloved. Not to mention hurtful words from her family that will leave negative thoughts in her mind, and an overly complicated love life. Kirana (Fanny) knows she ought to get married soon but is aware that no man has ever approached her. 

Kirana (Fanny) once had a decent relationship with a guy she could see herself with, but he decided he’d had enough of her and soon got engaged with another woman. That moment had left Kirana (Fanny) utterly hopeless and heartbroken. God, I Want to Get Married illustrates the real-life challenges and struggles of women. 

The first episode of this web series premiered on April 15, 2021 while following episodes will be published each Thursday and Saturday throughout the month of Ramadhan, on the Khazanah Network YouTube Channel and Vidio.com. This web series consists of 8 episodes, each of which is teeming with important messages. 

The lessons in “God, I Want to Get Married” can be heart-warming and meaningful for people who have been through similar situations. This web series produced by Khazanah Alwahda Kreatif will provide plenty of lessons for youths preparing to get married. 

“Through this web series I have learned that though marriage requires great effort, especially because the competition today to find your best partner is high, you will experience beauty later on,” says Alfian Mahardika as representative of the Khazanah team.

“Reduce your insecurity, don’t be afraid to open up your heart and mind, and there’s no need to look for the perfect person. Instead, with the right one, you can pursue that perfection together,” says Fanny (Kirana) in one of the episodes.

The “God, I Want to Get Married” web series will run with the tagline #KetikaBersamaKitaSempurna (We’re Perfect When We’re Together), which refers to the idea that perfection is unattainable alone, but very much possible together. Hopefully, this tagline can help deliver the most important value that this web series strives to embrace. 

Associate Producer Achmad Ghufar Rosyidin explains how this web series was inspired by the life of a real woman, which he thinks is an incredible story which a lot of other women can relate to, especially during the holy month of Ramadhan.

“I actually took this web series from the real story of a young woman, who is the same age as Kirana here. I think the message in this web series will fit the spirit of Ramadhan very well,” says Achmad Ghufar Rosyidin.

Meanwhile, Executive Producer Gamma Thohir also expresses how the relatable topic and conflicts in this web series. He said, it is suitable for a millennial audience.

“When we first planned to create this web series, we tried to look for a topic that is relatable and appropriate for the current millennial generation. From what we have observed, a lot of millennials are still doubtful and hesitant towards questions regarding love and marriage. This web series is how we are trying to help answer some of those questions” says Gamma.

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