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UNEP: Coral reef damage to impact global food security

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REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MANADO -- Damage to coral reefs may have an adverse impact on food security worldwide, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Coordinator for Pacific Office, Sefania Nawadra has warned.

Thus, the sustainable management of coral reefs is of great importance for ensuring food security and nutrition for mankind, Sefania said after a consultation meeting on the implementation of the resolution on the sustainable management of coral reefs here on Tuesday.

Hopefully, the Manado meeting will result in solutions to maritime issues being proposed and end with good results, he said.

He added that food security affects human life globally.

Since it is more difficult to manage human beings than to manage the environment, it is necessary to change the public's mindset by asking them not dump plastic or trash anywhere, among others, he said.

Sefania further said global food security will face problems, marked by extraordinary happenings as a result of food poisoning. Therefore, there should be intervention in food security.

To handle food security-related problems is not enough to deal with their impact, such as the extraordinary events caused by food poisoning, he stated.

"That's why it is very important to prevent them (such events) through education," he said.

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