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Govt working to reduce death toll of hajj pilgrims


REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, MECCA -- The Religious Affairs Ministry, which organizes the annual Hajj pilgrimage for Indonesians going to the Holy Lands (Mecca and Madinah), will strive to reduce the death toll of the congregation this year, an official said.

The death toll of Hajj pilgrims, which had occurred outside health facilities, is expected to decline to below 40 percent, the Chief of the Indonesian Hajj Health Center in Mecca, Muwardi Edy, said on Friday.

Until Friday, the number of Indonesian Hajj pilgrims, who died outside of the health facilities, had reached three persons, namely Suparti (70) hailing from Pacitan, Chamdanah (55) from Surabaya, and Ooy Rukoyah (55) from Sukabumi.

Suparti passed away in a hotel, Chamdanah had died on the airplane and Ooy Rukoyah had expired near the Prophet mosque (Nabawi) in Madinah.

During last year's pilgrimage, the death toll of the country's Hajj pilgrims in the Holy Lands was pegged at over 200.

This year, a total of 168,800 prospective Hajj pilgrims from across the country are expected to depart for Saudi Arabia, namely for the holy cities of Mecca and Madinah.

Out of the 168,800, a total of 155,200 will leave for the Holy Land with regular facilities (BPIH Reguler), while another 13,600 will be offered special facilities (BPIH Khusus).

According to the Religious Affairs Ministry, the first group of Hajj pilgrims will leave for Madinah between August 21 and September 3.

The second period of departure, however, will begin from September 4 and end on September 17, with the Jeddah airport being the landing destination, after which they`ll proceed to Mecca for the Hajj procession.

The pilgrims, who have visited Madinah, will then return to Indonesia through the Jeddah airport after completing the Hajj procession in Mecca.

On the other hand, the Hajj pilgrims who will leave for Mecca through the Jeddah airport, will subsequently return through the Madinah airport.

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