Senin, 15 Safar 1441 / 14 Oktober 2019

Senin, 15 Safar 1441 / 14 Oktober 2019

Tourism Minister forms team to evaluate paid baggage policy

Kamis 31 Jan 2019 21:06 WIB

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Airline passengers. (Illustration)

Airline passengers. (Illustration)

Foto: Antara/Iggoy el Fitra
Paid baggage policy is feared to impact tourism sector.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The Ministry of Tourism has set up a team in response to the impact of the paid baggage policy on low-cost carriers (LCC). It was feared that the policy to have a direct effect on the tourism sector.

Head of the Ministry of Tourism Communication Bureau Guntur Sakti in Jakarta said on Thursday that in response to the policy of Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, a team, chaired by Special Staff of the Tourism Minister in Rifajantoro Gambling Accessibility, had been sent to coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation's Director General of Air Transportation.

"This team has reported about the situation and conditions on the field, including the turmoil that arose in the community and industry. The team also submitted a request seeking direct attention from the authorities, so that conditions in the market remain under control," he explained.

Kemenpar also continues to coordinate with the Ministry of Transportation and the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs to seek common ground and the best solution to the problem. He stressed that the paid baggage policy for LCC in the country had a direct impact on the tourism sector.

He noted that the free baggage revocation policies at LCC and the still high price of airplane tickets generally have a direct impact on Indonesia's tourism sector.

"Travel agents, for instance, are currently hesitant, not even daring to sell packages, while on the other hand, our SME sector has also been hit significantly," he stated.

Hotel occupancy was also affected by a significant decline in various destinations.

"This paid baggage policy also reduces the number of aircraft passengers, and tourists cancel travel plans to several places," he stated.

He emphasized the importance of maintaining a conducive climate for the development of the tourism sector in the country without neglecting the continuity of business in the aviation world.

Recorded baggage service provisions earlier listed in the Minister of Transportation Regulation Number PM 185 of 2015 concern Passenger Service Standards for Economy Class Domestic Scheduled Commercial Air Transport. Article 22, point C, stipulates that airlines, with no minimum standard services, or LCC, can charge fees for carrying checked baggage.

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